QQ-Tech® Removable Detachable Wireless Bluetooth ABS Keyboard PU Leather Case Tablet Stand for Apple iPad Mini – Smart Cover Wake Sleep Function – Black

Pinned on September 3, 2013 at 3:30 pm by Tracy Holland

QQ-Tech® Removable Detachable Wireless Bluetooth ABS Keyboard PU Leather Case Tablet Stand for Apple iPad Mini – Smart Cover Wake Sleep Function – Black

QQ-Tech detachable bluetooth keyboard for ipad has been recoginized as one of the best in the market, now we have firstly developed QQ-Tech detachable bluetooth keyboard to provide you a better laptop experience for your lovely iPad mini. The PU leather is of high quality, and our bluetooth keyboard is built with ABS material to enhance extrodinary typing convenience. We will be your best choice if you want a leather case and a comfortable keyboard at the same time. We are proud to offer you 2 years manufacture warranty.

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David S. Berg says:

FABULOUS — QQ-Tech iPad Mini BT Keyboard Folio Case I needed a BT keyboard case for my new iPad Mini. There are not as yet many out there because the device is so new. So I took a gamble on this one from Amazon and QQ-Tech and am very happy that I did.The item arrived a week earlier than scheduled which is terrific. The case appears to be well made with lots of stitching rather than glue. It has a tab closure and an unobtrusive kickstand.The BT keyboard is made of ABS plastic instead of the rubber silicone and feels much better to the touch. The keyboard is detachable; it is held in by a magnetic strip so it pulls off easily and just as easily reattaches. I paired it up very easily on the Mini; I even tried it on my desktop computer with no difficulty pairing. Since the keyboard is the size of the iPad Mini, it initially takes some getting used to in order to avoid hitting surrounding keys. That being said, it felt good and with a little practice, the errors disappeared. Any BT keyboard could be used with the Mini but this one in the folio case hits the spot.The item arrived a week earlier than listed on the order form. That is terrific service. The product was nicely packaged and neatly shipped. Also, I would recommend this seller since the item came so quickly in fulfillment of the order.By the way, I am a product user and have no ties to the company. Hence this is a genuine review.

A. Sian says:

Great case/keyboard for iPad Mini Just received the qq-tech Bluetooth case/keyboard for my new iPad Mini and am very pleased! The case is well constructed and the iPad Mini fits in it nicely. Had no issues pairing with the keyboard and find the size to be just barely large enough for my fat fingers. Really surprised at that part. The only thing I would do to improve this case is to have the strap that holds it closed use strong magnets, instead of having to be threaded into a slot. Threading into the slot is too difficult and time consuming. I’ll probably never close it that way, and may end up figuring out a way to add magnets or velcro to it at some point. Right now this case/kb is half the price of what other ‘name brands’ are pre-selling their units for… who knows when those will ship, and I can’t imagine they will justify being twice as expensive.

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