PS3 Wireless Keypad

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PS3 Wireless Keypad

The Wireless keypad for the PlayStation 3 system provides the freedom of easy to use texting and mouse input capabilities, all while maintaining full gameplay functionality in one easy-to-hold device. This Bluetooth device attaches to any Dualshock 3 or Sixaxis wireless controller and enables effortless internet browsing, e-mailing and instant messaging on the PlayStation Network and PlayStation Home. The unique touch pad feature allows for convenient scrolling and mouse input on the PS3 system on screen display. Dedicated short cut keys provide instant access to ‘Message Box’ and other online communication applications on the PlayStation Network.The Wireless Keypad for the Sony PlayStation 3 turns your regular controller into a texting device with mouse input capabilities, while still maintaining full gameplay functionality. This Blue tooth device attaches to any DualShock 3 or SixAxis wireless controller and enables effortless Internet browsing, emailing and instant messaging on the PlayStation Network and PlayStation Home.

The Wireless Keypad for the PS3 turns your regular controller into a texting device with mouse input capabilities. View larger.

The Wireless Keypad for the Sony PlayStation 3:

  • Attaches to any DualShock 3 or SixAxis wireless controller.
  • Utilizes a QWERTY keypad for fast, thumbs-only typing.
  • Allows for convenient scrolling and selection with the touchpad mouse.
  • Design includes Blue tooth 2.0 and a rechargeable Lithium-ion polymer battery.

QWERTY Keypad Mimics Smartphones
Adding the wireless keypad turns your regular wireless controller into a easy-to-hold, multifunctional device. Mimicking the QWERTY keypad on smartphones, this device is also designed for fast, thumbs-only typing. The unique touchpad feature allows for convenient scrolling and mouse for the PlayStation 3 on-screen display. When you touchpad is pressed, you can not use the keys for character input, but you can slide your finger on this area to select something on screen.

Blue tooth 2.0, Short Cut Keys, and More
Dedicated short-cut keys provide time-saving instant access to Message Box and other online communication applications on the PlayStation Network. This device charges by connecting it directly to the PlayStation 3 system using a standard USB cable. It is important to note that this device features Blue tooth 2.0, with an operating range of up to 33 feet, and it comes equipped with a rechargeable Lithium-ion polymer battery (Capacity: 610mAh).

By integrating all these features into a sleek and elegant design you can further enhance your online interactivity on the PlayStation 3 system.

Product Features


A. Dent "Aragorn" says:

Impressive, well integrated controller extension The following are my conclusions and observations following several hours of testing. It is possible that I missed a feature or two but I am quite confident that I was able to test all the major ones.The setup and first impressions:——————————-I don’t know why, I imagined a bigger device. I am pleased to note that the keypad is a lot thinner than I imagined – about half an inch thick and pretty light.It fits nicely on top of any standard PS3 controller thanks to a clamp that, once it clicks in, it makes the keypad appear as if it was part of the controller’s body. The three controller buttons that it covers: PS3, Select and Start are present on the pad at their expected locations but they only work when the keypad is attached to the controller. All other buttons work regardless of the keypad being attached or detached.The keyboard is okay but it’s better suited for larger hands (or long thumbs). As a Blackberry user, I find this keyboard less comfortable than that of a classic Blackberry – but I’ve been using Blackberies for almost 10 years already so I may be a little bit spoiled or maybe biased toward their ergonomics.As far as workmanship is concerned, my impression is one of a well-built, durable device. It integrates well, visually and functionally with the PS3 controllers.The setup:———-After a couple of hours of charging through the USB port (cable not included), the keypad is ready to use. Once the On/Off switch is set to On, all that’s needed is for the keypad to be connected to the PS3 through a USB cable and the pairing is done automatically.The workings:————-The keypad operates in two modes: as a keyboard or, interestingly, as a touch pad.In keyboard mode, you get a QWERTY keyboard with well separated, round little keys. The letters, numeric and punctuation keys are where you would expect them to be but the special keys are not exactly at their familiar places and some of the less essential ones (PgUp, PgDn, End, Home and the function keys) are missing. Special characters can be entered with the help of 2 modifier keys (the Blue and the Orange).Three special keys allow you to enable the touch pad mode or quickly jump to your PS3 message box or friends list icons – I did not find the last 2 very useful.Until you make yourself familiar with some of the less obvious key combinations it’s a good idea to save the instructions pamphlet (a 17″x11″ folded sheet) found in the package.The touch pad mode is very interesting in that, after pressing the ‘touch pad key’, the keyboard is disabled and a section of the keyboard emulates a laptop’s touch pad and the 2 cursor keys emulate mouse buttons and you can interact with your environment as if you were using a mouse.I am a ‘knob’ person as far as mouse emulation is concerned but, based on my testing, the touch pad mode, while interesting and innovative, is not very well implemented. For example, while in Browser mode, it does not allow you to scroll down your browser window, something that is easily and intuitively accomplished with the R3/L3 analog sticks. The cursor, when controlled with the touch pad was jumpy, either moving from one corner of the window to another or, sometimes, not moving at all. The good news is that all the controller buttons, including the sticks, are fully functional all the time so, people like me, won’t have to use the touch pad.Brief evaluation:—————–+ Bluetooth device, does not require dongles or wires+ Replaces a full-size keyboard, well suited for entering passwords or brief messages+ Perfectly integrated, physically and functionally with the PS3 controller – generally, it does not interfere with game play+ Rechargeable battery+ According to Sony (not tested by me) it can be paired with other Bluetooth devices (don’t lose that manual)- Adds weight to the controller- Some of the special keys are placed at unfamiliar locations- Keys ‘real estate’ wasted by assigning 2 keys to jump to the message box and the friends list- Touch pad does not work very well- Small hands may find it a bit uncomfortableBefore I started writing this review, I thought I was going to award this keypad 3 stars but, once I listed the pros and the cons I see that the negatives are relatively minor. The major disappointment is the touch pad but it’s not something that I am going to miss because I am already happy with the R3/L3. 3.5 stars should be the fair score but I am rounding it up to 4 because my overall impression is positive.With HOME now a reality, this is likely to become an increasingly useful add-on.

L. T. Beasimer "" says:

A worthy accessory: A PlayStation 3 wireless keypad review Before I received this keypad, I had a keyboard wired to the PS3 while playing games on the couch. Whenever I wanted to type a message I would get off the couch, sit on the floor, and type. When I saw this keypad I had a few reservations, but I knew I this would be a better solution.From pulling the keypad out of the package and putting it to use is pretty simple but takes a little time. Pairing and charging work just like the controllers do. This product comes with no charge, so plug it into the PS3 and let it charge up. When ready the keypad clamps firmly into place resting on the controller with the keys away from the body. Turn the power on and it is ready to use. After calibration the keypad can be used as a touchpad with the touch of a button. Plus a couple shortcut keys are included for checking messages and viewing friends.I usually play the PS3 at night in a dimly lit room. The keypad is laid out mostly like a normal keyboard; however there are a few minor differences. Because of my playing environment, I would find backlit keys to be a big help. Additionally the touchpad feature works, but is a bit difficult to properly navigate the finger motion to what should happen on the screen. Perhaps the touchpad feature takes more getting used to than the rest of the features.One of my reservations was related to where the keypad rests on the controller. Being away from the body and above the R3 and L3 buttons, I was concerned they would get in the way making the keypad difficult to use. I have to admit this is not the case for me at all. The buttons are laid out so that they can be used comfortably; I had no problems pressing the keys. The keypad doesn’t get in the way for game play either.Overall this quality constructed product is designed well. While there are a few weaknesses, Sony delivers the functionality they claim. This keypad is priced in line with other Sony PS3 products and worth the expense for me. For those that type short messages and such, the PlayStation 3 Wireless keypad is worthy of consideration.PROS:Fits firmly on the controllerEasy to setup and useWell designed quality constructed productCONS:Keys are not backlitTouchpad feature not so easy to use

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