PS3 12GB System

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PS3 12GB System

Play the Highest Rated Game Library Including PlayStation’s Exclusive Award-Winning ‘AAA’ Games like Gran Turismo, God of War, and Uncharted. Stream your Favorite Entertainment Apps like Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, and Hulu Plus for Free*. Watch Movies come to Life with the Built-In HD Blu-Ray Player. All on the PlayStation 3 12GB System for $199. *User is responsible for internet access fees

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Shaun M. says:

READ IF YOU PLAN ON UPGRADING HDD Just got my 12GB slim and before firing it up I was going to put in my 500GB HDD. Please note the following:* There is no physical 2.5″ SATA drive installed.* There is no HDD mounting bracket, that is a separate purchase of which the only one I could find available on Amazon is this: another $15 unless you can find the $10 Sony branded kit.I guess the problem was me assuming it had a 12GB 2.5″ SSD, where in actuality it is flash memory embedded on the board. I have the drive in there and rigged up so its not going anywhere, but it’s just unfortunate this was not well documented. Maybe it was and I missed it.

TekLord says:

Great for Streaming Video I am excited to see this product. I currently own 3 older PS3 systems and a myriad of other smart TV’s, media players, game consoles, etc.In my opinion, the PS3 has the best media player by far. I use my PS3 systems to watch VUDU, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. The Sony user interface and multimedia controls are outstanding. I do not play video games and I will be purchasing this unit strictly for the media playing capabilities. Finally, the wireless remote allows me to mount the PS3 in a hidden location for a nice, neat install.

longtermFX says:

Works perfect for my situation! YES! I do own this specific model.I’m an original owner of three 60GB models of the PlayStation 3 and have to say, I’m very satisfied with this model and the pricing.Unfortunately, the model I own and use in my bedroom (which is used solely for movies and streaming Netflix/Hulu Plus) has decided to give into the YLOD and no longer functions. I’ve been waiting for a model such as this to be released that was not bundled into a package with games I do not need and a service (PlayStation Plus) that I already subscribe too. With the purchase of this machine, I can easily remove my previous hard drive, insert it into this model and start back up exactly where I left off for the low-price of $199.99 shipped.I’m glad Sony listens to their consumers and has finally released a model focused towards their audience of media junkies that would love to have the functionality of casual gaming once and a while but focus more towards the media capabilities of the PlayStation 3 platform.If you’re looking for a brand new PS3 model to replace your faulty or broken PS3, this is the model for you. Simply remove your old hard drive, install it into this model and you’re back to where you left off without having to break the bank with purchasing a refurbished/used model through GameSpot/Craigslist/Amazon/etc.Mind you, this is the latest model of the PS3, which means it should last you for many years to come.

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