Protec Guitar Strap with Leather Ends and Pick Pocket, Black

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Protec Guitar Strap with Leather Ends and Pick Pocket, Black

Protec’s adjustable guitar strap features thick genuine leather ends, a handy pick pocket, and is made of high quality nylon.

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popmusicfan says:

Great Value I recently purchased two Protec guitar straps in order to avoid having to switch straps between instruments. These straps are quite flexible length-wise, so if you have ever been disappointed by a strap that you either couldn’t get short enough for a high playing position or long enough for a low playing position, you will not be disappointed here. These are also a nice medium width, so they should be suitable for all kinds of players. Although one reviewer complained about the size of the holes for the strap buttons, I actually find the snug fit to be an advantage: it doesn’t feel like I’ll have to worry about the strap coming disconnected from the guitar. And, the price is right.

Mary C. Osborne says:

guitar strap Great strap for the new guitar that I bought my granddaughter. Adjusts easily. Take a close look at the picture. It has openings at each end. If you only have one peg at the bottom of your guitar you will need to get an attachment at a music store for it to work.

trebe says:

basic black strap . . . Pro Tec manufactures a variety of accessories for musical instruments. Their low cost black nylon guitar strap, is a well constructed high quality item, that is a top seller at Amazon. The large sized attachment tabs are quite thick, about 1/8 inch. Although the fit on the typical guitar strap nuts is snug, some type of strap retainer would still be recommended. Black works with most colors, and this strap should last for a long time, but it is so inexpensive, if you qualify for free shipping, you might want to consider ordering a spare.

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