Progressive Muscle Relaxation: 20 Minutes to Total Relaxation

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Progressive Muscle Relaxation: 20 Minutes to Total Relaxation


Natalie Nunes "Sleepless in" says:

Amazing Results!! I have been struggling with sleepless nights for the last several months. A good friend suggested a deep breathing technique that she used while suffering through a painful divorce. After a bit of research,I came upon this amazing CD. The music and narrative voice are extremely soothing and the instructions are easy to follow. I have incorporated listening to this CD into my bedtime routine and I am also listening in the late afternoon before the, “witching hours”! Result- longer periods of sleep and the ability to quickly return to sleep after awakening AND much more energy in the late afternoon when I need it!! I would give this CD (technique)10 stars if I could!!

A Georgia Woman says:

There is help ~ Take it from one who has suffered from anxiety and panic disorder for 30+ years. Progressive Muscle Relaxation helps to relax my mind and body. Claire Bryson’s voice is soothing and you have plenty of time to follow her through the relaxation exercises. Highly recommend this product for stress management. Guided meditations will help to train your mind and body to relax.

Matty D says:

Great asset This relaxation CD is being used on our psych unit. I have access to other programs, but I like this one the best. The narraration is great; the narrarator has a pleasant voice. The guided program is systematic and well organized.When using this CD, I turn the lights down and turn on the laser star projector. The clients/patients love it. Many have requested information – where to purchase the CD. I refer them to program lasts about 25 minutes, so there is enough time in a 1 hour group setting to educate and process/talk about progressive relaxation, and how these techniques may be implemented in everyday life.

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