PowerGen Dual USB 3.1A 15w Travel Wall Charger with Swivel plug for Apple iPad 2, New iPad 3, iPhone 5 4s 4 3 3Gs, Amazon Kindle Fire HD DX KeyBoard, Samsung Galaxy Tab (USB Cable NOT included) – BLACK

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PowerGen Dual USB 3.1A 15w Travel Wall Charger with Swivel plug for Apple iPad 2, New iPad 3, iPhone 5 4s 4 3 3Gs, Amazon Kindle Fire HD DX KeyBoard, Samsung Galaxy Tab (USB Cable NOT included) – BLACK

The PowerGen 15W Dual Port USB Travel charger charges TWO of electronic devices simultaneously, example iPad, iPhone, iPod, MP3 Players, Digital Cameras, PDAs, Mobile Phones and other devices. It is compact with high quality finish and comes with full 1 year limited warranty.

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UCChemE05 says:

Loud Buzzing Noise and Non-Responsive Customer Service To start off with the positives, I used a Kill-a-Watt to measure the current draw while charging with multiple devices. My wife’s Ipad 2, her Galaxy S3, my Note 2 and Thinkpad were able to achieve the same charge draw as the original chargers (2 amp for the Ipad, Note and Thinkpad). I originality purchased this unit as I travel quite a bit for work and liked the swivel plug. I was happy with the performance and form factor.Unfortunately, to the negatives…1. While the charger is plugged into an outlet but not charging a device, a LOUD buzzing noise is emitted from the charger. I can hear it while the charger is on the floor and I am standing a couple feet away. The sound is similar to a buzzing capacitor that is about to fail. I do not trust leaving the unit plugged in, unattended. I also ordered the black version, it has a similar sound but it is much less intense; I can only hear the noise when my ear is within a 6-12″ of the charger. I have what I consider a defective unit which I understand happens but leads to the 2nd negative and the reason for the one star review.2. I emailed POWERGEN CS regarding the issue and asked for a replacement. I received a response asking which charger had the issue. After multiple follow-up emails I never received another response.Due to the positives listed above, I would recommend this charger to almost anyone. Unfortunately, due to the lack of customer service I cannot.

N. Dooley says:

Worked fine for the first three days; broke, then replaced For the first three days, it was able to charge an iPad, an iPhone,and a Blackberry phone. I was very impressed.On the third night, the blue light on the front started flickering. By the fourth morning, it was fully dead.I haven’t tried to return it, since the price point is just low enough that it’s not really worth the hassle, shipping costs, etc. I just wish I hadn’t bought it in the first place.EDIT: The Powergen customer service folks sent a replacement out promptly and free of charge, and it seems to be working just fine. Upgrading the rating from one star to four.

Ali Julia says:

Review for use with Nexus 7 Tablet, Samsung Galaxy 7.7 Tablet, and Samsung Galaxy Nexus cell phone, and SanDisk Sansa Clip+ Note that some early versions of this plug had quality control issues. My plugs did not have any issues, but some of the early testers reported problems. PowerGen notified all testers and made the plugs unavailable until the problem has been resolved. I received a notification that the problem has been resolved, and the new stock does not have the issue. Symptoms of the problem: Due to a poor connection inside the plug, the status light goes on when the plug is plugged in, but then goes out a few seconds later.I tested PowerGen Dual Port 15W / 3.1A USB Wall Charger with Nexus 7 Tablet, Samsung Galaxy 7.7 Tablet, and Samsung Galaxy Nexus cell phone, and SanDisk Sansa Clip+ player.I received PowerGen wall charger for testing from the manufacturer to write an honest and unbiased review and you will find both pluses and minuses of my experience in this review.I am attaching two collages with 8 photos (each collage has 4) labelled with numbers 1-1 through 1-4 and 2-1 through 2-4 under customer photos that I will be referencing in this review.The first thing I noticed that the charger has re-tractable prongs which is very handy for travel. Photo #1-1 shows the black plug with prongs retracted, and the white plug with progs extended.Photos #1-3 and #1-4 show this plug on a power strip. This is where the only negative thing I have to say about this plug comes in. The position of the prongs is such that this plug takes up two slots and a bit of third slot. As you see not only does each plug cover two outlets, I also could put two of these plugs next to each even on the short side. The prongs are not polarized as you can see on photo #1-1. The plug itself is very slim, if the prongs could have been oriented differently, the plug would only take 1 slot.The plug has two ports labelled “A” and “NA” which stands for Apple and Non-Apple devices (see photo 1-2). I own all Android devices but I tested both ports to see their behavior with my devices. The charger comes without a USB cord, so tested it with the USB cords that came with my devices.I used Battery App by Elvison to determine how each device recognized the charging source. ‘AC’ status means the charging is at full charging rate. ‘USB’ status indicates charging at a lower charging rate. ‘Discharging’ status means that the charging rate is below the power that the device is consuming so it slows down the discharge rate but does not re-charge.The key findings:(1) Excellent results on both ports for Nexus Phone and Nexus 7 Tablet(2) Samsung Galaxy 7.7 can be charged on NA portThe table below summarizes my findings:Nexus 7 Tablet (photo #2-2, note the port is labeled “A” is closer to the edge of the plug and the port labeled “NA” is the one that is further away from the edge of the plug)(Shown in Photo 2-2)————–A port — ACNA port — ACSamsung Galaxy Nexus Phone(Shown in Photo 2-1)————————–A port — ACNA port — ACSamsung Galaxy Tablet 7.7(Shown in Photos 2-3 and 2-4)————————–A port — discharging when screen is on, charged slowly with screen offNA port — ACSanDisk Sansa Clip+ MP3 Player——————————A port — charged at AC rateNA port — charged at AC rateCharging times for Samsung Galaxy Tablet 7.7————————————————-NA: from 90% to 100% —> 33 minutesA: from 90% to 100% -> 1h 37 min charged when screen was off despite saying discharging (powering the screen was enough to turn from slow charge to discharge)Samsung plug that came with the 7.7 Tablet: from 90% to 100% —> 1 hourCharging times for Nexus Tablet————————————————-NA: from 94% to 99% —> 17 minutesA: from 94% to99% —> 19 minutesThe behavior of both Nexus 7 and Galaxy Nexus plugged in at the same time was the same as when they were plugged in individually. This means if you can charge them both together at the same time. If you need to charge Samsung Galaxy tablet and one of the Nexus devices you would need to put the Galaxy tab on the NA port.The MP3 player worked in both ports. I was able to charge and listen to the MP3 player at the same time.To summarize:I liked:———1. Excellent behavior on both ports even when you have two Android devices2. Samsung tablet 7.7 charged twice as fast as with the plug that it came with2. Solution for MP3 player with built-in battery3. Can charge two Android devices at once at AC rateI did not like:————–1. Position of the prongs that makes the plug take 2+ slots on the stripI…

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