Plug And Play Muti-Colored Illuminated Dancing Water Speakers

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Plug And Play Muti-Colored Illuminated Dancing Water Speakers

Multicolored lights illuminate jets of water that “dance” to the beat and volume of your music! Set of 2 clear acrylic 3-watt speakers include built-in amplifier, 4 LED lights, connection cables, and installation guide. Lightweight and portable; no batteries needed. Easy plug & play set-up; compatible with iPod, MP3 & 4, and computer. 9″ tall.

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Jeff says:

Great Speakers I have these speakers hooked up to my Samsung Smart TV.I’m happy with them.I imagined them being full of water with streams of bubbles colored by lights. However, the clear plastic part on top is empty and when the music/sound plays jets of water shoot up illuminated by colored LEDs. It’s nice and I like it. It’s just different from what I imagined.Like most sound activated devices the jets of water are in relation to the level of sound or the change in the level of sound.My speakers are being powered off one of the USB ports on my TV. When I turn the TV off the speakers go off — nice. In order to put the speakers on the fireplace I had to use a USB extension/repeater (Alfa USB 2.0 Active Extension Cable – Repeater Cable – High Speed 480Mbps – A Male to A Female – 10 Meters / 32.8 feet Long) which works fine. I noticed no different in performance when I used it.One speakers has a green tint to the light and the other had a blue tint. If I have the TV on and no sound is coming out when you look at the ceiling you can see the green light from one and the blue light from the other.My one complaint which really has NOTHING to do with the speakers is that the audio output from my TV is at a fixed level. So if I’m listening to Pandora on my TV (which for some reason is insanely loud) and I turn the TV down (usually almost all the way) there is still allot of sound coming out of these speakers and in my configuration, I have no way to turn it down.I notice similar speakers for $29 ( I tried to put the “Insert a product link” and it’s not working. There are a few reviews complaining about the quality of the sound.The sound coming out of these is great.

A. Adams "Bix" says:

Great speakers, nice water feature Thesse are great speakers, the sound can get pretty loud and fairly good quality I was pleasantly suprised, you get two in each package and all the wires are included. It’s powered by USB. For $50 they make a great gift. My sone LOVES them. Would I buy again…YES.

phycowar says:

doesnt even work just got the speakers and found water all over the speakers but zero water inside the speakers the left speaker has a short in it and the lights just flicker due to a short and not having any water inside it really make these speakers very pointless

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