Plano Pillared Single Scoped Gun Case

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Plano Pillared Single Scoped Gun Case

The PRO-Max single scoped rifle case is perfect for a trip to the range or a hunting trip to Alaska. It features the patented PillarLock system and thick wall construction to protect your firearm when your traveling.

The case is less than four inches thick, and an interlocking eggshell liner keeps your weapon secure.

The Plano Pillared Single-Scoped Gun Case, ideal for a trip to the range or a hunting trip to Alaska, keeps your weapon and riflescope secure on the go. The 13-by-3.75-by-53.6-inch (W x H x D) case features the patented PillarLock system and thick wall construction to protect your firearm when traveling.


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R. Carr "Bob" says:

You get what you pay for For $28 what do you expect, an Abrams? I’m not going to Alaska, I’m not going to Europe, nor am I going to Africa for Cape Buffalo. I’m going down the road to my local range and I think the case is well suited for that feat. The fellow who berated this product has missed the point. The case is not made to do all the things he demands. Its simply made to hold secure a scoped rifle. If you want a case that offers all the amenities that reviewer looked for, you need to be in the $100+ range. Otherwise, this case is well suited for local purposes. The latches are adequate as is the padding. The handle is middle balanced and there is enough room for some small accessories like magazines. If in time it needs more padding, get it. Who cares? Its only a $28 gun case. When not in use, you can even store a couple of those zippered rifle bags in it to save space. Don’t expect Corvette performance out of a hybrid. But the hybrid will certainly get you from point A to point B. The only disappointment was that, although it is advertised to hold a scoped rifle, my AR with a carry handle scope didn’t fit by about a half inch. On the other hand, the scope is a large one. So oh well, all I do is unscrew the mount from the handle and stow the scope with the rifle, it wont lose zero. No biggie. I got what I paid for. I don’t think using that criteria you will be disappointed.

Astraeos says:

Love this case! If you’re looking to trek through the wilderness with your rifle encased in some extremely durable, survive all conditions rifle case, chances are you’re looking at this produc because you’re hoping for a cheap steal. No, do not buy this. You need to come to grips with the fact that you need to spend closer to $150 plus to get the case you want..This rifle case is perfect for transporting your rifle from A to B in the car, to take your rifle to the shooting range, or up to the mountains for some target shooting or hunting. Additionally, when my rifle is at home, it’s in this case, stored away in my closet. It locks well, has some egg crate foam style padding that can stay in place with the application of some glue (it’s really not a problem at all) for the price, I think this case is a great deal and works wonderfully. Would I feel comfortable throwing this case into the snow/water/ground with my rifle inside? No. Is this a quality case that will take care of your rifle? Yes, absolutely. It takes great care of my Savage Axis, which I store in the case without having to detach my scope and bi-pod. I don’t practice karate when transporting my rifle, nor do I chop down trees or plan to fight sasquatch with my rifle case (sarcastically knocking some of the reviews calling this cheap.. Look at the price! You get what you pay for) Highly recommended!

Vitius Altius Fortius "VitiusAltiusFortius" says:

Great Price Product Much sturdier than others offered for more $ locally. Crush resistant. Fits shotgun, shells, and extra barrel without problem.

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