Plano 7771 Guide Series Tackle System

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Plano 7771 Guide Series Tackle System

Includes four 2-3701 utility boxes . Underneath the clear DuraView cover is a spacious bulk store area. Next to that are three removable spinnerbait racks with top access. It also features a comfortable over-molded handle.

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M. S. Harris says:

Great Box !! This is a great box with lots of room, well made, sturdy and a great value. I combined 3 boxes into this one, with room to grow. The compartments are well laid out, and the trays are dividable. Get this box if you want the 4 separate slide in boxes, get the other 777 if you want 2 double height slide in boxes. I wanted 4 separate boxes. It also has 3 small boxes in the top section, which you can use or not.

M. Burdwood Porter says:

Camp Kitchen… I bought this tackle box four years ago, to make a camp kitchen. I love the Plano tackle boxes, and thoroughly examined them all, as I had specific camping kitchen gear I need to pack. This one works like a charm. I removed the internal boxes, gave them to my husband for computer bits, and packed it up.The very top holds all my spices and small things, matches, etc (It is not waterproof here, so, I put in containers that WERE waterproof.)The shallow layer holds plates, water bag, larger cooking utensils. The right top pocket holds all the eating utensils. The largest compartment holds a small pressure cooker, a mixing bowl inside that, and 5 stainless steel bowls inside that. Underneath them is a chopping board. I also stuff in various potholders, towels, dishsoap, dishscrubbers. And finally, the bottommost right compartment is perfect for two large mugs.I am the envy of my camping friends who keep this all in a box. And, many friends have emulated my set up.It’s constantly packed and I just grab it and go when it is time to get away!It is also sturdy, and tough. It has been banged about on constant trips for 4 years, and I’ve never had a problem with the latches, or?

DrewBenz says:

Missing Pieces? Or is it…. When looking at the photo’s you see in one where you get 3 individual top plastic holders, and on the bottom you get 4 plastic drawers, and 1 plastic box that tucks in the side. Also according to some reviews this is what you get. But, if you read the fine print this is not what you get, and this is not what I got, my tackle box only came with 1 top plastic container, and had nothing inside of the bottom corner piece. When you read the small print it says you get 1-3500 storage piece and 4-3701 storage pieces, and nothing else. So I’m disappointed with this as I was expecting more. Aside from these misses pieces, the color of the box is more of a brown color, not the lighter grey you see in the pictures. Different color -1 star, two missing pieces -2 stars. I like to get what I intended to purchase, not a victim of bait and switch. Overall, I do love the box, and will put it to good use, and hopefully catch some nice fish, after I go buy some extra storage pieces .

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