Pirates (R-Rated Version)

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Pirates (R-Rated Version)

R-rated dvd by Digital Playground

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Muppethead says:

A cult classic in the making If you’re looking to get turned on, go get the original porn version of this film and watch it the way it was meant to be watched. The R-rated version of Pirates may be a little sexy and have lots of T&A, but, in order to keep their R rating, they have to cut out before any of the good stuff happens.That being said, I highly recommend this movie to anyone with a slightly twisted sense of humor. The dialogue in the movie is idiotic…brilliantly idiotic. With lines such as:”I smell something burning.””Probably your crotch from all the action you’ve been getting.”You’ll definitely be laughing WITH the writers, not AT them.And yes, the acting is terrible, but that also adds to the fun of this version. There’s a reason they are called Porn stars instead of actors: they can’t act. But the hilarious dialogue paired with the monotone or somewhat awkward delivery is priceless. And some of the stars do a really great job of camping it up and making fun of their own bad acting. It makes me think of something a group of drunk friends would act out to entertain a crowd. I was laughing all the way through. I think this one will be great to show at my next party. Good times…

Ruben Soekardie "Rub" says:

Funny, sexy, hot, oh and did I mention funny. I rented this movie without a cover and I thought I was in for a Pirates of the Carribbean type adventure. I put the tape in my VCR when my entire family was wide awake roamimg the house. When I saw the Produced by Adam&Eve and Digital Playground credits, I immediately ejected the tape because I knew what I was in for. So I watched it at night and it was hilarious. The lead actor role cracked me up, I also really dig Jesse Jane and Evanna. Wow, I’m most definitely going for the 3-disc version which unfortunately Amazon doesn’t have.

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