Pioneer HTZ-BD32 3D Blu-Ray Surround Sound Home Theater System

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Pioneer HTZ-BD32 3D Blu-Ray Surround Sound Home Theater System

The Pioneer HTZ-BD32 is an easy choice for bringing home Blue-Ray and 5.1 home theater surround sound in one knockout package!

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Internet_shopper says:

Superb entertainment system in a box – fantastic features and great sound I was looking for a modern system to replace my 8-year old Pioneer home theater (which is still going strong) and came across this system for a very good price, with a blue-ray player and WiFi included. The video quality is rich and the DVD loads very fast. The internet features are cool, and the built-in WiFi holds the internet connection very well, when I tested with YouTube and Pandora.I was initially disappointed with it as there was absolutely no sound coming out of the speakers, in spite of it being rated with a power output of 1100W. My older 600W system had much more power and rumble in its output, and I came across similar complaints in reviews. I struggled for a couple of weeks with the settings, and almost returned it before stumbling on the “Trim” levels for the speakers. When I increased the Trim levels to 2 or 3 from its pre-set value of 0, the whole system came alive. You can increase the Trim level till 6 and bring down the house. The dialogues and every other sound came alive and clear. I am very impressed by the audio quality and power.I highly recommend this system. I just wish that the manual was more user friendly, as it talks nowhere about the Trim settings, even in the troubleshooting section. These are advanced settings, and laymen like me may not know how to tweak them for optimal performance. Overall, this is an excellent entertainment system in a box.

OhSueZanna says:

Does what it’s supposed to do Not sure why the bad reviews but I have no problems with my system….It’s a home theatre system and does exactly what it’s supposed to do….

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