Pinball Deluxe Free

Pinned on September 3, 2013 at 3:24 pm by Ruby Scott

Pinball Deluxe Free

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Amorphous Metal says:

Nice game but… This game is very well done in all respects. Great graphics, responsive controls and nice SFX make for a great pinball experience. What I don’t like is how hard the Dev pushes you to buy the full version. A good quality game like this should easily sell itself.

Nick Vanmatre "nickv" says:

Pinball is FUN and EASY on my K-Fire I am an older dude so these small electronic “gadgets” are kind of difficult for me with my klutzy hands and poor eyesight. However, I got the Pinball Deluxe game today for my Kindle Fire and I really like it. Even “I” can use it and with little practice. Ok, I did really read the directions on how to use it, and they helped me lots. But playing the game is easy, fun, and addictive. No, I am not ready to challenge the online players. (Yes, if you are really good, you can have your game scores rated along with the best of the online players.) It actually has operating flippers and a “shake” mode to bounce the ball against some of the bumpers. Fun app and great as I got it FREE!

Sausage says:

free? annoying!! the ads are all over the usable screen making it very difficult to play. and if that weren’t bad enough they pester you to buy every time you click on something

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