Photive CYREN Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Built in Speakerphone & 8 hour Rechargeable Battery – Black

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Photive CYREN Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Built in Speakerphone & 8 hour Rechargeable Battery – Black

Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The Photive PH-BT1000 Portable Bluetooth Speaker combines high-end stereo sound with portability, letting you enjoy your music wirelessly anywhere you want. Featuring two 40mm, 6-watt (total) drivers and a large speaker cavity for excellent sound, this tiny but powerful speaker can fill any room with rich audio. Bluetooth connectivity allows you to wirelessly play and control your music from Bluetooth devices and take calls hand-free directly through the speaker. A built-in rechargeable battery lasts for up to 8-10 hours per charge, so you can enjoy your music all day.

The PH-1000 measures approximately 6 x 2 x 1.6 inches (H x W x D). This compact frame makes the speaker highly portable and versatile. Use it at home, take it on vacation, enjoy it while camping, or set it up any other place you want to play your favorite music.

The PH-1000 pairs instantly with Bluetooth devices like smartphones, Tablets, and computers, letting you send your favorite songs wirelessly to the speaker. Change tracks and adjust volume from your Bluetooth device, or use the control buttons located on the speaker. Check the speakers battery status on your iPhone. When the battery is low, the speaker will give you an audible warning. The PH-1000 has a transmission range of about 33 feet and automatically connects to the last device it was connected to

– New Bluetooth 3.0 Technology
– Built-in rechargeable battery supports up to 10 hours’ playback (medium volume)
– Two 40MM drivers deliver deep and rich sound
– Built-in Microphone for Taking Calls
– Wirelessly Control Your Music through Bluetooth
– Easy to pair. No code or pin needed
– 3.5mm line-in jack for wired devices

Product Features


jjceo (jjceo@comcast . net) says:

Good volume and high quality sound out of this portable Bluetooth speaker! This speaker system has great volume and sound quality. It is easy to pair with your Bluetooth devices and it even comes with an auxiliary cable so you can use it with your non Bluetooth devices. It has a built in rechargeable battery that will operate for 10 hours when using the Bluetooth connection and up to 12 hours when using the auxiliary cable and the Bluetooth is turned off. It also has a built in microphone to allow you to do hands free calls using the speaker. You can even use Siri and voice commands!What’s in the box?* A charging cable that is 33 inches long and it has a USB plug on one end and Micro USB plug on the other end.* An auxiliary cable that has a 3.5 mm stereo plug on each end and the cable is 33 inches long.* A carrying bag* An instruction manual* The speaker itselfThe speaker comes in black, blue, orange, purple and red. The speaker weighs 11 ½ ounces. You should charge the speaker for 3 to 4 hours before you use it and you can use your computer’s USB port or an AC USB wall charger that you own for use with your smart devices. The battery capacity is 1000 mAh and it can be recharged up to 500 times if you take proper care of the battery and speaker. On the back of the speaker you will find an on/off switch, the auxiliary input jack and the Micro USB charging port. When you plug in a charging source the LED on top will turn red and indicate that charging is taking place. When the battery is fully charged the charging process will stop.On the top of the speaker are the control buttons:* The phone control to answer, hang up, skip or place a call or to use Siri or voice commands.* Previous song track* Play/pause* Next sound track* Volume down* Volume upThe speaker actually has two speakers in it that output the equivalent of 6 watts of sound power. The sound output is rich with excellent bass and high clarity of high tones. I show how to pair the speaker in my video and it was fast and easy. It took only a few seconds. Remember that the volume output of the speaker is controlled by the volume setting on the speaker and the volume output setting on your paired smart device. The sound quality is excellent, it has premium sound quality. The range of the Bluetooth is about 33 feet but when pairing your device for the first time try to be within 3 feet. No pin number or code is required to pair to the speaker.The carrying case is an added benefit in that it helps to keep your speaker clean while you are carrying it. It is also lightweight enough that you can play your music and hear the songs through the bag. I show how to receive a phone call while listening to music and the process was simple and easy. The connection quality was good on my end of the conversation and for the person calling me. This speaker has a lot of features and it is a good quality product. I rated it at 5 stars.I was supplied a sample for test and evaluation and I promised to provide a fair and honest review.

M. Simpson says:

Outstanding All Around! Quick Highlights: Excellent Bluetooth connectivity, long battery life, quality build, LOUD volume, clear and detailed sound.Ratings for the unit in comparison to others it size after 2 weeks of use.Look and Feel-5/5 – Brick red with a nice quality grill. Lego-ish with a rubberized texture, nice buttons, solid construction, on/off slide button in back.Connectivity- 5/5 – Bluetooth 3.0 for quick pairing, battery indicator on phone, longer standby, increased data transfer + better sound.Battery – 5/5 Lithium Ion – 10 hours is legit, I can cycle through 3 charges on my iPhone 5 before its out. Recharges quickly. Powers down automatically.Volume – 5/5 You wont find one louder for its size and it still sounds good at full volume. Party on the Go!Sound – 4/5 Great sound – clear and detailed even on Bluetooth. Bass wont shake anything but you can still hear a decent spectrum of sound. Highs could be slightly clearer. Its not my DS8500 but its 1/8 the size and weight. I was truly impressed with the sound of this little unit & my ears are delighted.Awesome gift & a truly great find for anyone that appreciates good portable sound. As good or better then similar models costing $200+ I give it 5/5 Overall – Dig it!Background:For an audiophile, the decision to purchase a small bluetooth speaker is like Jay Leno having to pick out a rental car – what you really want you aren’t going to find, and what you settle on you won’t be satisfied with – but you still get to drive. I’m thinking tunes for beach, patio, boat, poker, camping… without having to lug around my . I really wanted to find something that was extremely portable and wireless with long battery life that sounded worth listening to and didn’t cost over $100. I listened to many of the new brick sized speakers and was not impressed with what I heard for $200. I saw the Photive CYREN online for $69 and was a little skeptical about how it would sound given the low price and my lack of familiarity with Photive products. I hit the feedback link and asked how it compared and I received and a decent answer from the seller so I took a chance…Update: I received a refund for the lesser price from the seller after the price drop before I posted the review great service! I purchased a black CYREN for a friend who loves it and uses it in his car.

Glenn D. Gardner "Techy" says:

Can’t go wrong ! This is a good product that is well constructed and fairly heavy which keeps it where you place it. It provides respectable, quality sound and can pack-a-punch when asked to do so. The sound output strikes me as follows:Treble (such as symbols and trumpets) ==> not crisp. Seem muted or muffled.Mid-Range (such as voices and guitars) ==> excellent. Clear and crisp.Bass (such as a bass drum or guitar ==> good enough to give a respectable…………………………………………………..”bottom” to the music. A BASS BOOST…………………………………………………..feature would be welcome, though.While the “box” shape is less than sexy, it’s controls are easily located and operated. At the discounted prices (mine was $29.95) you can’t go wrong.

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