Parris Indian Wood and Steel Frontier Rifle Indian Rifle

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Parris Indian Wood and Steel Frontier Rifle Indian Rifle

This Indian Rifle replica has been designed after the original rifle of its era. Measures approximately 37.5 inches long. Each is constructed with a solid one-piece wood stock, painted steel barrel and die-cast parts. Will fire caps. Full orange tip attached as required by Federal Law.

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Christine Mccallister says:

Pleased :O) The Toy Rifle was well Packaged and prompt. The Rifle was complete and was pleased with my purchase. I did repainted the Stock and Barrel to give it the age look. Took off the Orange plug which was easy to do. This item is perfect for a Wall hanger in the ‘Man’s Cave’.

David Bryant says:

Looks OK, but don’t count on it to work well I ordered this item to be part of a Halloween costume and really only needed it to be recognizable as a frontier rifle. For that it is fine. It is sturdy overall, well painted, and goes well with my costume. The decorated stock and bead decoration near the muzzle are nice touches and enhance the overall look.However, as a toy for children I wouldn’t be happy with it. The hammer and trigger mechanisms are poorly designed and assembled, so the hammer won’t stay locked back to allow the gun to fire. Anyone playing with the rifle would surely want to be able to cock it, affix a cap, and pull the trigger to have it “shoot”. My rifle as received wouldn’t stay cocked. I didn’t really need it to fire as part of my costume and after looking the mechanisms over I’m not convinced exchanging it for another one would necessarily be an improvement. The hammer was bent sideways, probably because the rifle was bulk packaged and not protected by being affixed to a card. The trigger assembly is built with such sloppy tolerances that the trigger in my rifle wiggled back and forth from side to side and wouldn’t stay in place to hold the hammer back. It was easy to remove the hammer and trigger mechanisms and tighten them up (with a pair of pliers), though despite several attempts I was never able to get the hammer/trigger to work properly.The hammer plate is held on with matching black screws, but the black painted trigger assembly is held in place with large silver screws that stand out against the black metal. This is nothing major, certainly, but it shouldn’t have added significantly to production cost to have used black screws here too.It may very well be that others ordering this rifle would receive one that worked well and was a lot of fun for children to use. That wasn’t my experience, though. It’s adequate for my Halloween costume, but won’t get any use beyond that.

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