Opposites Attack: A Novel Inspired by True Events

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Opposites Attack: A Novel Inspired by True Events

Alyce flew 4,000 miles to learn French, sophistication and win back her boyfriend. Enter the très different, exasperating Jean-Luc. Will opposites attract or attack? Set in a total-immersion language school in the South of France, OPPOSITES ATTACK is a lyrical tale of clashing cultures and the heartwarming changes that can grow out of a mismatched pair in the battle of the sexes. Comical fish-out-of-water moments collide with quick tempers, seducers and plenty of foodilicious fun. Also, painful confidences. How close will the seemingly superficial American woman and the famous, cultured French writer become? How will they change each other?


Rachel B. Ratliff says:

Simply Delightful! This novel instantly transported me from my reading perch into a delightful tale filled with heartfelt adventure. Through the author’s skillful writing I became each of the diverse characters causing me to laugh, cry, and taste the beauty of a country I have yet to visit. A delightful novel, an adventure to savor, I highly recommend this book!

Beachgirl "Beachgirl" says:

Merveillrux! Just as I loved “When I Married My Mother” I loved “Opposites Attack” even more! Heartwarming and hilarious story. And since I will be traveling to France for the first time in September I can hardly wait to experience le belle vie!!

Ariana says:

Opposites Attack and Attract! A great summer read for anyone looking for some fun! Maeder pulls you in from the start and doesn’t let go as you experience life with Alyce and Jean-Luc. Absolutely loved everything about this book from start to finish. A must read!

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