One Pack of Shocking Gum, Funny Shock Gag (Random Color)

Pinned on September 2, 2013 at 8:08 am by Charles Paolucci

One Pack of Shocking Gum, Funny Shock Gag (Random Color)

This shock gum is one of the greatest gags of all time! Looks like a real pack of gum.


  • It looks like a real pack of gum.
  • Give your friends a quick and mild electric shock when they reach for this gag stick of gum
  • When you try to pull this trick gum, you will get an unexpected harmless electric shock.
  • Just for fun
  • Not recommended for children or people with heart conditions
  • Specifications:
    Color: Random Color
    Size: 1 * 1 * 3 inches

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    Suzie says:

    My 8 year old loves it, but be aware of other parents’ anger My kid loves this toy. It shocks enough to scare you but not hurt. One parent on the street did get upset about it so she cant take it outside anymore. I also had to explain she can only trick kids her age or older. Over all, the product works and is durable. It still scares me when I get shocked :)

    Michael B "Michael B" says:

    Shock Gum Good but the label gives it away (gum reads: SHOCK Pull Here) if youcover it up though it is passable as gum and gives a nice shock.

    Mohamed Ahmed says:

    Great Item This item is so awesome it’s cheap and its worth more then what u pay for I used it on my mom she loved it and when she chucked it to the floor there was no harm done like I just took it out of the box I would recommend this for anyone who want revenge on someone or just want to get a good lagh

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