Okuma Expandable ABS Rod Rack

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Okuma Expandable ABS Rod Rack

The Okuma ABS Rod Rack is easy to assemble and can either be wall mounted or joined together for double sided storage.The Okuma expandable ABS Rod Rack can hold up to 16 rods in two different configurations. Either assemble the rod holder flat and mount it to the wall for single-sided storage–or–assemble the rod holder with both sides joined together, as pictured, for freestanding, double-sided storage. Made of durable ABS plastic the rod holder is easy to assemble and designed for years of use.

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Phaedrus says:

Good value The question here is mainly one of aesthetics. If you’re looking for a fancy rod rack to put next to the leather armchairs in your pine-paneled trophy room, this is not what you want. If you are just looking to get your rods up and out of harm’s way in, say, your basement or garage, and don’t mind a blue plastic rack with the name of a rod company on it, then this is a very good value.Just to clarify how this thing works: you actually get two racks, each with space for eight rods. These two racks may be assembled back to back, which gives you the free standing 16-rod unit shown in the photo. Alternately, you can choose to flat mount the two units to the wall as two separate 8-rod units.I did not try the free standing back-to-back mode, but something tells me this would be somewhat unstable, unless you figured some way to fix it to the floor. Mine are wall mounted side by side, and in this mode they are very stable, so that’s the way to go if you have high enough ceilings.As others have noted the racks are a bit tight. They would hold 16 rods as advertised if you stored them with no reels on them, but things are going to get a bit crowded if you tried to put eight rods and reels in each unit, especially with the bigger equipment, so I wouldn’t plan on storing 16 pieces if you’re leaving the reels on. I have nine rods and reels split between the two units and that works fine, there’s even room for a couple more.But at 10 dollars a rack I still think these are a real good value – it’s nice to get the rods all organized in a safe and relatively small space for only twenty bucks.

kellers says:

This rod rack is tops in my book I’m not sure what the prior reviewer is referring to, as he has writtent the same review on 8 different items. Clearly it doesn’t relate to the product for sale. We love this rod rack. It’s nice to look at, sturdy and you can’t beat the price.

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