Nike Mens Elite Championship Basketball

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Nike Mens  Elite Championship Basketball

Nike Elite Airlock Championship Basketball

Made of Game-Dry composite leather with micro-perforated material, Nike Elite Championship Basketball keeps sweat away, to give you a strong grip and an ultra-soft touch. Nike Airlock technology provides fully adjustable air pressure that consistently holds 85 times longer than other basketballs. Woven microfiber backing offers a smooth, consistent feel. Wide channels improve accuracy and control by helping your fingers find a groove. Wraparound panel design gives better alignment on each shot. Official size and designed for indoor play.


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Ace15 says:

Niiiice!!!! This ball has great grip, and can be used when it gets wet also from sweat. It has a great soft feel. Has to be one of the best balls out there.

Michael J. Mayer says:

Nice Surprise I wasn’t sure I was going to be happy with this ball when I ordered it. I mainly wanted it because it is the ball just about every college team uses for their game ball. I looked at an earlier model a couple years ago and didn’t like it because the Swoosh was made of a slippery, smooth material. It was a large area that negatively affected grip.I also was uncertain because the price was so low. But I decided to get it anyway. When I came back to get it they were out of stock. I checked back regularly for several weeks until I saw that it was available again. So I bought it right away.It came in a week with standard shipping. I looked it over and saw Nike had fixed the swoosh issue. It is now the same material as the rest of the ball. Only the ELITE letters are the slippery material. Not a big deal. It looked and felt very nice.After playing with it several times I like it a lot. I’m very satisfied.

Coach C says:

Players love them!!! I ordered these for my Travel Basketball teams. We use them regularly in practice and the kids love them. They are also the same balls that the schools use for games and tournaments. Great Buy!!! Service and delivery were excellent. No complaints at all.

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