New Trent NT31B (1pc) Rugged Airbender Mini Wireless Bluetooth iPad mini Keyboard case , Water Resistant/Dirt Proof/Shock Proof/ with Dual-Layered Rubberized Full Body Slipcover Protection and Polycarbonate Frame, Integrated Screen and completely accessible Plug Covers, Rotatable Aluminum Swivel Stand, and Detachable Case

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New Trent NT31B (1pc) Rugged Airbender Mini Wireless Bluetooth iPad mini Keyboard case , Water Resistant/Dirt Proof/Shock Proof/ with Dual-Layered Rubberized Full Body Slipcover Protection and Polycarbonate Frame, Integrated Screen and completely accessible Plug Covers, Rotatable Aluminum Swivel Stand, and Detachable Case

New Trent NT31B – Airbender ClamShell Ipad Mini Keyboard Case

New Trent Arcadia Airbender Mini Bluetooth ipad mini keyboard case is designed exclusively for the new Apple iPad mini. This sleek and portable wireless keyboard case will allow you to wirelessly connect to your iPad mini and type with ease. With an adjustable arm piece, you may also alternate between vertical and horizontal positions to achieve the perfect viewing angle and orientation.


– Water Resistant/Dirt Proof/Shock Proof

– Designed specifically for the 7.9 inch Apple iPad mini

– Dual-layered materials for enhanced full-body protection

– Wireless Bluetooth keyboard with integrated iOS shortkeys

– Integrated screen cover for protection from scratches when in use.

– Rubber cover for the Lightning charge port and headphone jack.

– Polycarbonate interior structural frame

– Detachable case and arm piece for improved versatility

– Dimension: 8.2in x 5.6in x 0.98in / 209mm x 144mm x 25mm.

New Trent is the trademark of New Trent Inc. Exclusively marketed by authorized reseller iDealpoint on Be sure to find the logo on both product and package to ensure 10 months product warranty

Product Features


Martin A Hogan "Marty From SF" says:

Great Protection, Great Design, Great Price! Case weighs less than one pound with iPad mini.All functional holes are available for camera, microphone, speakers, charging up/down volume and on/off switch.Case cover with iPad mini is removable when you don’t need a keyboard. Still has high protection.Enclosed case is water-resistant, not waterproof, but incredible well designed with rubber surrounding your iPad mini the entire perimeter. Not water-resistant when opened. Heavily reinforced with hard and soft rubber for those accidentally bounces or drops.Charges in about 2 hours. Bluetooth connection takes about one minute and you never have to Bluetooth it again.Keyboard is 1.85 X larger than that on the iPad mini (3-1/2″ X 7-1/2″) Perfect for airplane tables. View screen is 180 degrees or 90 degrees.Check out these qualities and the price against ANY other iPad mini protective case. Great even without the keyboard!

Stephen D says:

Better than Kensington Okay. So I am becoming not only a bluetooth headset junkie, but also an IPad accessory/folio/keyboard junkie…Initially, I bought the Kensington Keyboard folio, and found that as time went on, preferred to have the IPad in its own case without the need for the keyboard all of the time…plus didn’t like the “bulky” feel of the device…so thought I would try something different.Pros: This is a small keyboard, and it is pretty neat in that you slide the IPad behind the keyboard. This protects your IPad, but is also a very neat small bundle. As my daughter says, all the kids in her school are envious.The keys are quite responsive, and having used standard keyboards on PCs etc, I enjoy the “punch and click” of a sturdy key. This satisfies me in that regard. When I used the Kensington, never did get the “feel” of it, as it is a softer kind of design. Some people may like that, but if you want to “feel” like you are typing, this fits the bill.It charges quite easily with LED light indicator on the side. Seems to hold the charge very well. What I noticed right off the bat is that when I turn ON the keyboard, my IPad picks it up right away. Don’t know why, but the Kensington seemed to get lost and I would have to go into settings and find it again…maybe that is just a bug. But, I don’t have that problem with this keyboard.Overall, the size is nice and compact, and it comes with a small neoprene type sleeve that you can then put the combo IPad/Keyboard into for storage. The longer I have my IPad the more I realize I like to keep things compact and try to minimize the size of the accessories.CONS: Well, the only real complaint I have is that you really can’t use this in your lap. The way the device works, is that you prop the Ipad into the slot and it is held up at a comfortable viewing angle. However, if you want to do this in your lap, it will slide all the way through, or partially, and doesn’t stay in one position. That being said, when I need to type with the keyboard I am usually in meetings and so this isnt really an issue. But if you want to do this in bed, better get a lap desk.OVERALL: Decent product at the right price point that gives you the satisfaction of feeling like you are typing again.What I would like to see in the future: Give me a keyboard like this and make it so that they can somehow “click” together so that I can use it in my lap if I need to. Option for keyboard LED backlighting? or just some form of glow in the dark keys?

Dr. Bojan Tunguz says:

Rugged, Well-designed Case/Keyboard Combo for your iPad Mini This is a very sturdy, elegant and functional Bluetooth keyboard case for your iPad Mini. It is designed for people who want to use their iPad Mini in some very rough and physically demanding environments. It is also a stylish case that will not be out of place in your hip neighborhood coffee shop.One of the first things you notice about this case is that it’s pretty heavy, much more so than some other such case/keyboard that are on the market right now. If you are looking for a very light accessory for your iPad Mini then this case is not for you. The case is also pretty hard to open up and insert your iPad Mini into. You need to pull back the rubberized outer cover, and then carefully pry open several small plastic hinges. You will probably not want to take your iPad Mini in and out too often.The case is indeed very sturdy and it covers your iPad Mini almost completely, including the plastic screen cover. It imbues one with a confidence that the case will protect your iPad Mini from most falls and bumps, although I have not been brave enough to venture an actual physical test. The case detaches from the keyboard, and it allows you to use the iPad by itself. All ports are covered with rubberized plugs, but they are easily pulled back and allow the ports to be easily accessed with chords.The keyboard paired up with my iPad Mini very easily and without any hitches. It also maintained connection for the duration of use. The keyboard is charged through a micro USB slot on the side. (An Apple compatible charging port might have been a more appropriate choice, but knowing how reluctant Apple is to let the third-party vendors use its ports, this was likely not going to happen.) The keyboard is very responsive, and I for the most part like the key action. However, this sized keyboard is VERY cramped, and you really don’t want to be using it for composing longer documents.The arm that attaches the case to the keyboard allows for your iPad to rotate through an arbitrary angle. However, only the portrait and the landscape orientations will be useful for the most part. I found the landscape orientation to be unstable though – I either had to allow the iPad Mini to “dangle” above the keyboard, or pull it out so far that the connecting arm becomes detached. If you are planning on typing in an on-the-go situation far away from a desk, then all of this is less than optimal.The case/keyboard combo is very well made. It is also competitively priced, and if you are looking for a rugged device/accessory of this kind then you will not go wrong with this New Trent model. I highly recommend it.

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