MyBat AKYOC5133HPCSYMS003NP Symbiosis Rugged Hybrid Case for Kyocera Event C5133 – Retail Packaging – Black/Red

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MyBat AKYOC5133HPCSYMS003NP Symbiosis Rugged Hybrid Case for Kyocera Event C5133 – Retail Packaging – Black/Red

This Black/Red Symbiosis Protective Case with built in kickstand is an ideal way to protect and keep your beloved Kyocera Event C5133 safe and looking good. Designed to be form-fitting, durable and functional, It bring bold looks and sassy personality your device. Combined skin case with an attached sturdy grip Case reinforced from the front edges and protects the phone from scratches or dust. Crafted with high quality hard plastic and durable silicone material this stylish Black/Red cover will fit your Kyocera Event C5133 perfectly. No tools or instructions needed to install; just snap on/off. Protect your investment!

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Abby Kwitek says:

LOVE IT!!! I would definitely recommend people getting this phone case, it’s big and bulky, because if you’re like me who drops their phone alot, this case is perfect for you. The cords fit perfectly, unlike most cell phone cases. GREAT product!

Sam Skuce says:

Protects Without Getting In The Way Other cases on other phones have given me problems getting at the Android home, back, etc. buttons at the bottom of the screen, and/or not had enough room around the headphone jack to actually plug in a headphone plug. This case doesn’t have any of those problems – my right-angled headphone plug goes right in, and I don’t have to think about how I’m angling my finger to get at the Android buttons. The side buttons for locking and volume work fine through this case also (although that’s not usually a problem with other cases either).The audio cutouts seem positioned correctly, as It doesn’t seem to interfere with the microphone or speakers during calls, voice search, or music playback.I’m not going to drop-test it, but it’s a decently thick rubber case that seems like it will do the job.The only thing keeping it from getting 5 stars is that the kickstand is kind of hard to get open and closed, at least at first. I usually end up breaking the kickstand on most cases anyway, so we’ll see if this one stands up any better.

Melinda N. says:

It’s great Daughter needed something heavy duty since she broke her last phone. She has a tendency to drop them haha. This seems to be working great!

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