My iPad: Covers iOS 6 on iPad 2 and iPad 3rd Generation, 5th Edition

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My iPad: Covers iOS 6 on iPad 2 and iPad 3rd Generation, 5th Edition

Covers iOS 6 on iPad 2, iPad 3rd and 4th generation, and iPad mini

My iPad offers a full-color, fully illustrated, step by step resource for anyone using an iPad 2, iPad 3rd or 4th generation, or iPad mini running iOS 6. Each task is presented in easy to follow steps – each with corresponding visuals that are numbered to match the step they are referred by. Notes and sidebars offer additional insight into using the iPad without the need to search through paragraphs of text to find the information you need. Tasks are clearly titled to help you quickly and easily find things you want to accomplish. Everything you need to know (or didn’t know was possible) is covered in this book. From setup and configuration to using apps like iBooks, Reminders, Calendar, Pages and Maps, each task is clearly illustrated and easy to follow. Learn how to use the iPad two cameras to take pictures and video and share them with friends or chat with them live. Learn how to:  


Dr. Bojan Tunguz says:

Great Reference and User Guide for your iPad It has been said many times already, but it’s worth repeating: iPad is one of the most revolutionary devices that have come around in years. On the surface it seem like a cross between a tablet PC, a netbook and an iPod, but comparing it to any one of these other devices doesn’t do the full justice. iPad is truly revolutionizing how we approach the use of computers, and it is bound to have an impact on all of the other computing devices. iPad is an always-on, easily accessible and intuitive computing platform. Even though the ease of use is one of its hallmarks, if you have never used an iPod or an iPhone you may have some initial difficulties with using it.The third generation iPad has been a major improvement on the original iPad concept, and a significant change over iPad 2, especially when it comes to graphical abilities. It has already gone though one major hardware boost and a change of the docking port. Whatever version of iPad you use, however, many of the fundamental tasks are still the same. Nonetheless, there are some important changes that need to be pointed out and dealt with according to the product version.”My iPad” aims to take away the mystery behind iPad and help you make the most of it. The book is written in an extremely accessible and to-the-point style, and from the very outset it takes you straight to the actual demonstrations of how to achieve certain actions on your iPad. It helps you navigate the plethora of settings and adjustment options, and tries to make sense of them. This is in fact one of the book’s greatest strengths – it is not just a bag of tricks, but also a clear and lucid explanation of the rationale behind every design option on your iPad (both hardware and software). The book also covers some of the most important and useful general iPad apps (both paid and free), such as maps, Keynote, Numbers and Pages, as well some apps that take the full advantage of iPad 2’s or the 3rd generation iPad’s capabilities, like iMovie. It also gives a short list of some other cool aps with a brief description of each. Even seasoned iPhone or iPad users will find many valuable tips and insights, and the book is a valuable reference for the long term use.The book covers iOS 6, which is as of this writing the most current version of iOS. One significan topic that is missing, however, is the coverage of iPad Mini. iPad Mini has the same internal specs as iPad 2, so this may not in principle be such a big issue. Nonetheless, there might be some unique uses as well as restrictions that only come in play when dealing with a much smaller device.I also enjoyed the format of the book. The book is large, well presented, and easily navigable. The illustrations and screenshots are fairly large and very clear and they help to illustrate all the relevant material. It is a very intuitive guide for a very intuitive device.

Bill R. says:

Good Coverage of iOS6 I bought a 4th generation iPad in November and am new to iOS. The book expands on the information provided in Apple’s user guide. It also has three chapters devoted to iWork; one each for Numbers, Pages and Keynote. This is really helpful in figuring out the differences between the Mac OS and iOS versions of these programs. I purchased the Kindle version of the book and had it on my laptop. I then went through the book while carrying out its tips, tricks and instructions on my iPad. This method was easier than running it on the iPad and switching back and forth between the book and the iOS. The book saved me a lot of time getting up and running on the iPad.

Roberta S. says:

Helpful for getting started I did find this to be more comprehensive than the Apple downloadable PDF “iPad User Guide”. More than enough info to get you started. Not much in the way of info for 3rd party apps, but then there are way too many of them for any kind of brief discourse, I suppose. At any rate, I’ve been glad to have the book on several occasions while familiarizing myself with everything I can do on this modern age gizmo that is most assuredly more than a game machine… :-)

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