Music Notation and Terminology (Classic Reprint)

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Music Notation and Terminology (Classic Reprint)

The study of music notation and terminology by classes in conservatories and in music departments of colleges and normal schools is a comparative innovation, one reason for the nonexistence of such courses in the past being the lack of a suitable text-book, in which might be found in related groups clear and accurate definitions of the really essential terms. But with the constantly increasing interest in music study (both private and in the public schools), and with the present persistent demand that music teaching shall become more systematic and therefore more efficient in turning out a more intelligent class of pupils, it has become increasingly necessary to establish courses in which the prospective teacher of music (after having had considerable experience with music itself) might acquire a concise and accurate knowledge of a fairly large number of terms, most of which he has probably already encountered as a student, and many of which he knows the general meaning of, but none of which he perhaps knows accurately enough to enable him to impart his knowledge clearly and economically to others. To meet the need of a text-book for this purpose in his own classes the author has been for several years gathering material from all available sources, and it is hoped that the arrangement of this material in related groups as here presented will serve to give the student not only some insight into the present meaning of a goodly number of terms, but will also enable him to see more clearly why certain terms have the meaning which at present attaches to them.
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jcasmith says:

Worthless without illustrations The text in the kindle version contains references to over a 100 illustrations, yet there are none present. A topic will be explained followed by an illustration of some music or a notation convention but all you see is “[Illustration]” in place where the actual illustration would appear. I guess I shouldn’t expect more for 99 cents.

graceie says:

Great theory, but NO ILLUSTRATIONS I am not affiliated with any company or school. I’m simply an adult who needs to brush up on my music theory and I thought I’d start with the free book first.It was very difficult because it would describe a piece of music, say a quarter note, then it would say “see illustration”, and there would be a notation where the illustration of the quarter note should be, but NO ILLUSTRATIONS.To me this is very frustrating. I’m going to go back to the Amazon Bookstore and find a better paid book. 4/30/12

Book World says:

Inferior work This book should have never been published in the current condition. Upon seeing the formatting mistakes, it should have been pulled back, corrected, then published again. On one hand the asking price in traditional book form for what this book offered I believe is really over priced, and more so when this same information can be gathered without cost on the net. But I agree with jcasmith, what can you expect for 99 cents? But in fairness to those writers who truly respect their craft, and respect people who read their work, their effort, no matter the cost, comes across.

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