Muscle Pharm Casein Protein Powder, Chocolate Milk, 3 Pound

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Muscle Pharm Casein Protein Powder, Chocolate Milk, 3 Pound

MusclePharm® Casein Core delivers 25 grams of 100% micellar casein as a delicious shake that’s easy to mix. Formulated for demanding athletes and active individuals, this is their ultimate nighttime protein source. With a suggested digestive enzyme and probiotic blend, you relax and rest while the protein goes to work helping repair and rebuild muscle tissue.* Recover quicker.* Train harder.* Most importantly, get the results you’re after

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D. Belliveau says:

Great Stuff! This is one of the better tasting Casein brands I have tasted. Regarding the cholesterol the other guy mentioned, it is a typo on the label, and no it is not 2000%! This guy is nuts, haha. I would suggest getting this in the chocolate milk flavor. Only reason it is not a 5 is because I found one other brand that tastes a little better. Best taste when you mix one scoop of this casein with one scoop of ON chocolate whey.

D. Kulakkunnath says:

The Powerhouse… of Cholesterol??? Well, I did not purchase the product from Amazon since I got it at a better deal elsewhere at that time.I switched over from another prominent brand of Micellar Casein (you know what I am talking about!) after thorough research on the ingredients and realizing some added value that could be attributed to its profile. This did have a competent protein ratio per serving as well as amino acid profile plus the added probiotic blend.(Appreciation ceremony is over, now here comes the ding part…) However what I initially failed to notice was the amount of Cholesterol (5 g = 2000% of DV) this product has in each serving (see attached picture). I contacted Muscle Pharm (through their website) to verify if this is accurate or if this is a typo (silly even if it is so since I guess this puts at stake the overall credibility on them and their product) however it has been couple of weeks since then and the “Safe-Fuelers” have not gotten back yet making me think what if this is really true??? Well, not really sure what is going on but I will update the post if I hear back from them if they ever care to stand behind their labeling and product and be answerable to its consumers.

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