Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition [Online Game Code]

Pinned on August 13, 2013 at 12:39 pm by Richard Coburn

Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition [Online Game Code]

The newest chapter of the iconic fighting franchise is now available on PC! Experience the deadliest tournament with all the kombatants and their unique fatalities. Decimate your opponents in traditional 1 vs 1 matches or tag team mode, and use gruesome fatalities and shocking X-ray moves to add a whole new dimension to your attacks. 

Requires Steam Client to activate.

System Requirements
  Minimum Specifications:
OS: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
Processor: CPU Intel Core Duo, 2.4 GHz | AMD Athlon X2, 2.8 GHz
Hard Drive: Unknown
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS | AMD Radeon 3850
Additional Info: DirectX DX 10


Eric Yeager says:

This is the definitive version of the definitive game of the franchise! It’s all here!First of all, if you are a tournament fighting game player, MK is probably not going to impress a lot of you. The mechanics in MK9, and the whole series, involve this start-stop method by making you press a separate button to block. It’s really not as fluid as Street Fighter, per se, but it does work well once you figure out the timing patterns.But, moving right along, this is a stellar fighting game! This time around, MK has gone back to the roots of cheesy Kung Fu anacronisms combined with ultra-gory fatalities. The game features cosmetic battle gore, an EX meter, and some amazing stage artwork. The story mode is pretty long and has a good overall plot arc, although it does force you to fight as a pre-determined fighter at each chapter, and also has a few meaningless fights. Still, this is the best story mode for a fighting game to date!The Ex meter can be built in a number of ways: first hits, specials, and using your face to absorb blows. It has three levels. At level 1, you can do an enhanced special with added effects and/or damage. At level 2, you can break a combo someone is doing to you. At level 3, you can unleash a devastating X-ray move. The X-ray moves really are the star of the game. They are easy to learn, but can be hard to master at times. When they land, you unleash an extremely gory combo that looks like it would kill your opponent, but that’s just for eye candy. They do a lot of damage though, and can easily turn the tide of a match.The game has a nice dial-a-combo system, where you can chain a bunch of small combos together to create larger ones. Depending on the moves involved, the effectiveness varies.The game features a tag mode, several ways to play online, a challnge tower, test your might mode, and 4 player local play. It also supports the Tournament Edition Xbox 360 fight stick, which I recommend highly. It also looks great in 3DTV!Finally, and the real kicker of the whole thing is this: mods. As I speak, there is already a mod that lets you play as bosses, and a mod that changes the cut scenes back to their HD versions. One modder has promised to bring out a mode that lets you play as Kratos. How toasty is that??!


IT HAS BEGUN!!!! Thank god it’s on PC. Definitely love the story line easily the best mortal kombat I played. Takes me back to the arcade as a kid. Suggestions 120hz monitor with low response time.ProsIn depth movie like story mode loved it really awesome!X-Ray MovesExcellent fighting engine gameplay is greatTutorial for FatalitiesTraining modesViewable character models2D action and mature contentCrypt, fatalitys, babalitysGameplay is great beginners wanting to learn and experts alikeConsMy playing but I’m trying ;)Finish Him!

Calvin C says:

This is by far the BEST Mortal Kombat Port compared to every other version out there! Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition for PC is awesome! I just got done playing a few rounds and it destroys the console versions by far in graphics, sound and smooth gameplay. I haven not tried the online matches just yet, as no one is on right now. However, depending on how built your comp is, it runs smooth and super fast. I have everything turned on high settings and have no issues or slow downs.Pros: Graphics are much sharper and smoother than any other version. Gameplay is smoother as well.Cons: Possible lag during online matches.

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