MoKo Ultra Slim Lightweight Smartshell Stand Case for Apple iPad Mini 7.9-Inch Tablet, BLACK (with Smart Cover Auto Wake/Sleep)

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MoKo Ultra Slim Lightweight Smartshell Stand Case for Apple iPad Mini 7.9-Inch Tablet, BLACK (with Smart Cover Auto Wake/Sleep)

Update (03/02/2013):
Now shipping the newest version with magnetically reinforced tri-fold stand for stable viewing and typing angles.

Custom designed for your precious Apple iPad Mini 7.9 inch tablet, this case features a combination of functionality and style. Well built to protect your tablet for the years to come. Ultra slim lightweight hardback adds minimal bulk while protecting your iPad Mini.

The premium PU leather boosts a classy look.

The no-scratch microfiber interior adds comfort and an additional layer of protection.

Built-in stand with two angles: perfect whenever you type an email or watch a movie.

Access to all controls and features.

Smart cover auto sleep/wake feature.

Magnetic closure.

Lifetime warranty. Please search “MoKo iPad Mini” for other styles and color options from MoKo.

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George T. Henderson "George" says:

Three Cheers for MoKo !!! I was one of the first to receive MoKo’s “Slim-Fit Multi-Angle Folio Cover Case” for the iPad Mini. [ASIN: B0082YLJQ0] MoKo contacted me to advise that they were aware of a design flaw, already corrected. I could keep the original case (which works well, by the way) plus they would send me either it’s revised replacement or I could try this newer design “Ultra Slim Lightweight Smartshell Stand Case”. Since I was happy with the original case, I decided to try this newer, lighter one.The package arrived today (November 13, 2012). Here are my initial reactions:- It’s substantially lighter than the “Slim-Fit Multi-angle Folio Cover Case”. I believe that I will be able to comfortably hold the iPad Mini in one hand while it is protected in the “Ultra Slim”- Magnetic sleep/wake function works well- Front cover is a tri-fold design. Padded soft vinyl outside and micro-fiber lining.- Back is a harder plastic case with the same micro-fiber lining. iPad Mini snaps securely into the four molded plastic corner clips.- Holes are properly aligned for the ports (charging, earphone, microphone, sleep button, forward camera) and speakers.- The front cover folds into a triangle which seems to provide a stable support for viewing videos, etc.- I haven’t found a way to recline the iPad Mini into a stable low-angle typing position. Note that this is NOT one of the positions illustrated in the product photos, so it not a defect. The fold areas seem to have a lot of “spring” and the hard back is slippery, so spring action makes the edge slide on a tabletop. (Perhaps this might improve after a break-in period?) Full size iPad folding covers have a quad-fold … that extra overlap seems to stabilize the triangle.In summary: it’s lightweight, well-made, and provides good protection. If you need an extremely stable stand, you will likely need a heavier cover or a separate stand. Or put some non-slip rubber feet on this cover’s slippery plastic edge.Lastly, I have a lot of praise for this vendor’s pro-active approach! I look forward to buying more of their products on Amazon.

VS27 says:

Almost great. The case fits perfectly, looks and feel great. It covers more of the ipad than most other slim cases do around the edges, but remains very slim and light. Sleep/wake magnet works perfectly.There is only one problem with this case but for me it is a big one. They made the tri-fold cover wrong. The smallest of the three folds is on the right side insead of the left which makes using it as a stand or tilt almost impossible. Just compare the photos to the Apple Smart Cover to see what I mean. Very dissapointing because I LOVE everything else about this case. Unfortunately it’s probably a deal breaker for me and I’ll be looking for somthing similar with a proper trifold.Still a great case for the money if you don’t mind a floppy stand.

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