MOGO Design Soccer Kid Tin Collection

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MOGO Design Soccer Kid Tin Collection

Soccer Kid TIN. Includes 3 GET MOGO Charms. Each GET MOGO Collection includes 3 GET MOGO charms in a modern reusable magnetic TIN. The TIN makes a great gift with room in the bottom for a GET MOGO Charm band (sold separately). The TIN can also be used to collect GET MOGOs and display them on a locker or magnet board.

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Elizabeth Austen says:

Super Cute Bracelets My daughter received a starter bracelet for Christmas. She is 11 and loves the Mogo bracelets and the great design choices. Soccer was an easy choice for her but we’ve since purchased others. Cool design and fun for tweens. However, they are so cute that I’m thinking of buying one for me!

Anonymous says:

This was a great purchase along with the bracelet. Great idea and works well,. My granddaughter is 9 and she really likes it.

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