Mobius Action Camera 1080P HD Mini Sports Cam

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Mobius Action Camera 1080P HD Mini Sports Cam

The Mobius ActionCam is one of the most sophisticated mini cameras around. At 2 x 1 x 1 inches and weighing a little over 1 pound, this camera can easily fit in any pocket, but press record and you will capture stunning HD video quality normally only found on devices 5 times the size.

1080P HD Video Quality

The Mobius can record in gorgeous 1080P H.264. HD video quality at 30 frames per second. At the highest video quality, the bit rate will be nearly 18,000 kpbs in wide angle recording. There is also a 720P 60 frames per second option suitable for extremely fast action recording, and WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) recording for low light scenarios. A Time Lapse mode, where the camera will automatically take Time-Lapsed still images is also included.

Battery Life

The Mobius can record for approximately 80 minutes at a time. Add a power bank (not included) to increase the battery life. The Mobius is capable of recording live video while plugged in as well.

Audio Quality

The Mobius records audio with 3 volume settings at 512 Kbps PCM (CD quality).

Use it as a Car Camera

With the car mount and car adaptor (not included), the Mobius makes an effective dash cam. As soon as the Mobius is plugged into the car power adaptor it will start / stop record based on driving, no need to press record. With the Mobius’ video quality and wide angle view, you can read any license plate on the road with ease.

Mounts and Accessories

Included with the Mobius is an attachment sleeve, a Velcro mount and a USB cable. Optional accessories include: bike handlebar mount, car mount, mini tripod, car adaptor, and helmet mount & waterproof case (coming soon!).

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David P says:

A good camera at a decent price This camera is the successor to the 808 series of cameras, but is the first one to feature 1080p at 30fps. Although there are many other cameras that can operate at 1080p, this camera literally costs 1/2 to 1/3 the price of the other expensive ones out there. I took this camera out for a spin (as a dashboard camera for my car) the day I got it and I have to say that the crispness of the video along with the relative ease of setup pretty much makes this a winner in my book. As another reviewer may have mentioned, the reviewer at gives a pretty thorough commentary about the insides and outs of the Mobius. The camera also has easy to use and downloadable software to change many of the camera settings, a feature that is noticeably missing in other cheap cameras. Also, the manufacturer distributes updates to the firmware pretty frequently and they do listen to the customer requests on the forums at only gripe that I have about the Mobius camera is that it gets extremely hot after recording video for several minutes. Although there are two exposed heat sinks on the top of the camera, it becomes very hot to the touch. Thus I turn the camera off to cool it down every now and then to avoid my fear of melting the internals.The Mobius was first widely available from resellers in Hong Kong on the Ebay website. As anyone who has ordered anything from overseas knows, the package takes 3 to 4 weeks to arrive which to me is a really long time. Fortunately, I was able to find a reseller in NYC which is where I live (the reseller is called Spytec). So instead of waiting a month for the camera, I was able to order it online and pick it up at their store, literally a few hours after placing the order. The guy I spoke to (I believe his name was Hector) was very friendly and knowledgeable about the Mobius and a wide range of other cameras. That was a big plus.I would expect this camera to sell well once more people realize that this is a solid product. But for now, I am quite satisfied with how this little camera can produce such gorgeous video clips.

R. L. Carr "Wonder Why" says:

By Far… the Best portable HD Cam on the market! The Best ! OMG !Way out performs my two FineVu CR-500 HD’s, that cost four times what this camera did!Beautiful Video, recording at about 18mbps, versus 11-12mbps of the FineVu’s.Able to use a 64gb micro card (versus 32gb -FineVu).Much smaller and more versatile, having enough battery power to go portable! In fact,just went to buy a new Chrysler 300, and recorded the whole deal to make sure I get what was promised!I’ve bought and tested many Dash Cams over the past two years… believe me when I say that this is a Superior Value!The only down-side is that is does not have a GPS option, but does imprint Time and Date. Having location and speed imprint is crucial for me, so I still have to use my over-priced FineVu dash cams for that reason only.BTW… bought mine directly from Spy-Tec’s website for $10 less.

Akura2 says:

Mobius 1080p Micro Action Cam Personally I LOVE this cam. I was interested in getting GoPro for my RC filming. I race RC Formula One and RC motorcycles. As most will use this camera for flying videos, my intention was to use it on the ground. As the GoPro is way too large for my application, I settled on this cam after reading some other reviews and watching many of the online videos. This camera, when insulated from vibrations well, has less of the “jello” effect than similar available keychain cams… the lens is clear, and the video clarity is superb for the price. the weight is perfect as it’s a little heavier than the other cams which helps isolate it from vibrations, but it’s lighter than the more expensive “pro” action cams, which allows me to use it in the applications I need it for… Since I race RC motorcycles, I can’t have an on-board cam that will affect the delicate balance of the bike at speed, and this one fits the bill nicely. The Windows GUI for programming the basic features of the cam is simple to use, and it’s easy to upgrade the firmware in the camera (as the manufacturer is continuously adding features and tweaking the interface). The only negative I have found is that the two surface-mounted heat sinks on the camera get really hot, so using the cam in an underwater case might create too much heat buildup and be a detriment to the camera and the camera’s battery system. I hope other lenses will be made available so that we can have filming options, but as for now, you can’t get a better 1080P action cam that can be used as an FPV (first-person video)cam,or webcam as well for the money.

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