MMA Cloth shin instep – Black – Large

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MMA Cloth shin instep – Black – Large

These are very economical Shock Wave BLACK shin and instep pads. They are very well made of a durable and comfortable elasticized fabric blend. Featuring thick 1/2” foam padding for solid protection. It’s a non-slip fit and holds shape and size through repeated use and washings.

For sizing, we recommend you use your (men’s) t-shirt size as a guide. That generally works pretty well unless you’re at one end of the bell curve or the other (you’re on the thin side or heavy side). Since they are elastic, they do accommodate a range of sizes/diameters.

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Timothy W. Minich "kayakjack" says:

Great for kumite The shockwave shin/instep pads are awesome. I bought them to replace my shiny foam lightning shin/instep pads which only had three velcro straps to hold them on. During kumite at the dojo, the lightning shin guards kept sliding off every time I’d land a shin kick, or block a thai kick with my shin (including proper mechanics of leg movement). This resulted in the lightning pads’ ineffectiveness. I had to keep dropping down and adjusting them.There are several other students using the Shockwave type (although different brand name) shin guards and I noticed that they were not experiencing the same problem I was having, stated in the above paragraph. So, I got online and found the Piranha gear shockwave shin/instep pads…They are AWESOME!! I no longer fear cracking shin bones during kumite. They have allowed me to focus on improving my kumite techniques and knowledge. I also bought black so that sweat stains would not appear as obvious.My only qualm with the pads is that I’m not sure how to wash them. Normally the pads come out and the outer sock can be washed. But, I have yet to find an opening with which I may remove the pads. I would still recommend them to anyone needing sparring gear.

Derek D. Bergey says:

Excellent If you want a good, cheap pair of pads this is it. Go for a name brand, get Fairtex, pay the 100 bucks. But of you want a pair that do the same thing, or that your lazy friends can use, I would definatly say to buy these. Cover the shin and foot perfectly, doesn’t slide off and only turns after extreme use, just adjust it, and your set again in an instant.

Lasssy says:

Great for light sparring These are great for light sparring, but if you start doing anything more serious than that, invest in some beefier shin pads.

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