Men’s Health Natural Bodybuilding Bible: A Complete 24-Week Program For Sculpting Muscles That Show

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Men’s Health Natural Bodybuilding Bible: A Complete 24-Week Program For Sculpting Muscles That Show

It takes guts and dedication to meticulously sculpt an extremely lean and cut physique. If you are ready to build a competition-worthy body or just want to look like a pro, there is no better program than the total-body diet and workout plan revealed in Men’s Health Natural Bodybuilding Bible. It is THE how-to manual for anyone who wants to win his first bodybuilding competition the right way — purely, naturally, on guts, grit, and extreme dedication to diet and muscle craft. Or even just look like you did without stepping foot on a stage!

Developed by professional Natural Bodybuilding Champion Tyler English,this plan will show you how to pack on pounds of MUSCLE with the workouts that helped him take first place in competition. Get the best intense workouts for each muscle and the right form so you reap maximum results.


Ben D. says:

Very good book, but neither for beginners nor those seeking mass gains SUMMARYThis is an overall very good book with a misleading title. It however contains some major flaws that you should, in my opinion, be aware of before buying it.CONTEXT(or “skip it if you’re in a hurry”)While I was training for years with bodyweight movements and routines, recent family events called for huge personal organization changes. That’s why I decided to hit the gym and give barbells and dumbbells a real try. Whereas I’ve always trained for health and performance first, I’ve also considered experimenting a more aesthetic-oriented program without sacrificing the two other goals.At this point, a “bodybuilding bible” appeared like a good starting place, especially since this one is aimed at ordinary and drug-free people. In effect, a lot of trainers and magazines are paid by or financially dependent upon supplements/equipments companies. Consequently, many bodybuilding programs are a waste of time, energy, and sometimes even health and muscle (because of over-training and its consequences) when you’re not a steroid user or blessed by genetic. Indeed, I only listen to authors that acknowledge such a fact and Tyler English seems to be one of them since he emphasizes “natural bodybuilding”.ON THE BRIGHT SIDE(or “everything I liked about the book”)1) The first thing that struck me was the layout. I found it beautiful, clear and well thought, and I think it really helps the reader to get into reading the book.2) Along the same lines, I found M. English recommendations to be extremely precise, clear, and straight to the point. This is very refreshing because too many training authors fall into both “I’ve got the truth” and “too much bro-talk” traps, which I personally find very annoying.3) The nutrition part is especially good. The author helps us determining how many macronutrients of each type we do need depending on multiple factors like body type and lean body mass. Then he describes the best sources of each one of them, along with interesting advices and nutritional theories. M. English is a firm advocate of whole food which, from both health and financial perspectives, seems to me like the very best choice. Finally come the advanced strategies, and here we learn about hormones, meal planing, dieting phases… Everything is clearly explained and well summarized. All things considered, the nutrition part isn’t that long, but it’s really comprehensive and I will personally use it often as a diet quick reference.4) Regarding the workout part, I really liked the flexibility of the proposed plans: we get to choose between 3, 4 and 5 days splits, and the author explains the advantages and disadvantages of each one. This allows us to go with what’s best for us and our schedule. Moreover, the program is 6-months long, which seems like a perfect length to me: long enough to make tremendous progress, short and varied enough to prevent boredom. I’m really eager to try the program in a few months after the completion of my current one.5) Coming from a bodyweight and martial arts-oriented training background, I’m always thinking “functional strength” when exercising. Well, the good news is that free weights have not only proven useful for that, but also for sculpting great physiques. And since the book’s exercises are all about free and even body weights, I’m a happy man.6) I don’t fall into the “bodybuilding competitor” category, but it seems to me that there are very valuable pages for them in the book: bodybuilding history, tanning and posing recommendations, etc.7) M. English is also the model illustrating the book. While being a good athlete doesn’t, by any means, imply being a good trainer, it still gives the author a certain credibility.8) For those of you who have ordered or will order the book from Amazon, there are free bonuses to grab from the author’s blog (see his post of June 4, 2013). The most noticeable, in my opinion, are the videos of all the book exercises, an additional 8-weeks of bodybuilding programs, and a cardio program. I really thank M. English for such a giveaway: it’s not vital, but it reinforces the overall impression of great professionalism conveyed by the book.ON THE DARK SIDE(or “what I found really annoying about the book”)1) You have to be warned: this book is all about the “cutting” (or dieting for fat loss and muscle preservation) phase of bodybuilding. There isn’t a single word about its necessary counterpart: “bulking” (or mass building). I can’t emphasize that enough because that was a huge disappointment for me. I just really don’t get that a so-called “bodybuilding bible” doesn’t include a chapter or at the very least some recommendations about gaining muscle. I don’t even know if the given training program can serve that purpose (assuming relevant changes to diet). This is a…

John Delhotal says:

Great book! (Tired of being the before photo) I ordered this book after working out with Tyler’s pre-launch program in Men’s Health Magazine. I worked out with the pre-launch program for ~3 weeks and was very pleased.I want to point out that I am not a competitive bodybuilder (nor do I plan to be), but I was interested in building my body! I am a 6’1″ male, about 20 lbs heavier than I want to be and my muscle from my 20’s was quickly turning into 30 something fat. I made a decision to change.After an introduction to the author, the book begins by informing you about what I refer to as, the science of fitness – Describing body types, diet, goals, equipment info, etc. This is huge! If you are not eating properly and exercising with a purpose, your goal is further from reach.Before you begin to pump, using Tyler’s program, you will want to read the beginning sections to ensure you are choosing proper nutrition and exercise options.Now to the fun part… Lifting. There are many different programs for 3, 4, 5 and 6 day cycles, over the 24 weeks – It will fit any schedule. They are all in the book… In detail. The author guides you well through this section. You are introduced to great warm-up routines and have a guide for your entire workout – Everyday!The best thing about this book for me is the structure! The workout days and weeks are laid out very well and easy to follow.There are photos of every warm-up and weight lifting exercise. These photos have a description underneath to help you know what muscle you are working on and how to properly do the move. If you want results, this is a must!Overall I am very, very pleased with my purchase. I bring the book with me to the gym along with a notebook to track my progress and water. It is like having a personal trainer there to ensure you are working out correctly. I look forward to my 5 days a week in the gym!WISHLIST:The one thing I would like to see in future editions is a reference page number for the exercise picture next to the exercise routine for each day and cycle. Another nice thing would be some software or a pre-configured excel spreadsheet that you could use to track your progress. Also, it was not completely obvious to me about what times in your workout to do the cardio.

Fredrick says:

The perfect workout solution This book went above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to an complete workout routine. I am on week 4 and my body has already transformed.

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