Marvel Thor Hammer Pewter Key Ring

Pinned on August 27, 2013 at 3:17 pm by Evelyn Whorton

Marvel Thor Hammer Pewter Key Ring

Mjölnir, Thor iconic hammer, is highly detailed, made of pewter, and popular with Marvel fans. The inscription on the hammer reads “Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of …Thor

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J. Larson says:

OK, but I can’t move my keys… I received this as a gift from my father a few days ago. However, once attached to my keyring, I am unable to actually get my keys to my car… I’ve tried prying it off the floor with a crowbar, using a forklift, etc. No luck. I had my big strong brother come over and he was able to lift it with no problem. I’m beginning to think my adoptive father gave this to me to punish me. As revenge, I’m arranging a little “accident” with a family friend and sprig of mistletoe. (Merry Xmas, Baldy!) Anyway, fie on this keychain.

Joel says:

Does not give you Thor like powers Aside from the fact that I cannot call thunder and lightning and fly with my hammer, it has given me the superpower of popularity as all the schoolyard kids are jealous of my Mjolnir.

Nemo says:

Not Good Quality First, let me say, the seller was smooth and shipped quickly.However, I hung this keychain on the zipper of my jacket and it broke after 3 days. When the head broke off you could see that it was attached to a piece of pewter less than half the diameter of the handle. This was just really poorly made. The price is cheap enough that if you wanted to buy it and not wear it on your keychain it would probably be fine. But if you actually put this on your keychain, it will most likely break within a week.

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