Marvel Avengers: The Ultimate Character Guide

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Marvel Avengers: The Ultimate Character Guide

Avengers Assemble! From Abomination to Wolverine, find out everything about your favorite Marvel Avengers super heroes and villains. This chunky, info-packed guide takes you alphabetically through the Avengers universe, shedding new light on characters like Iron Man, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Thor, and Captain America, giving you more detail about their powers, weaknesses, enemies, and origins than any other book on the market.

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Derek McHenry says:

Fun, but incomplete A lot of fun. Quick reading, full of great art. But there are some puzzling things… and “Things” is one of them! No “THING” here! The other three members of the Fantastic Four are here, but of all of them The Thing has participated most in the Avengers… and he’s the one missing.And not to argue over “powers” like a school boy, but Hawkeye’s fightng skills are listed at 7. That put’s him in the Captain America, Wolverine, Shang Chi area. A better fighter than Iron Fist, Black Panther… and more. Really?But again, a fun read. Good for new and old readers.

Chris Dietz says:

Incomplete Character Guide I purchased this book for kicks being a Marvel comics fan and was let down by the fact that they left out some fairly popular villains. How could you forget Modok??? Seriously?Aside from that, the book is in full color and pretty cool if you are curious about the Avengers, especially with the Avengers movie coming in 2012.

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