Maid’s Secret – Welcome Home

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Maid’s Secret – Welcome Home


Kunlin "Reiki-do" says:

Maria Ozawa — always a buty! Maid’s Secret starring Maria Ozawa is a Japanese film about a vampire/human who works at a restaurant where the waitresses dress as maids. She has a companion, another pretty young Japanese girl, though not quite as voluptuous as Maria. Apparently, every time she gets horny, her vampire teeth start to appear and ruins any kind of relationship she might cultivate. Orgasms are worse, she turns to dust. The plot is a little thin and Japanese corny, but several of the scenes depicting our young maid are quite erotic. She is quite stacked — probably a 34C! This is a teaser — some boobies, Maria’s and her co-companion maid’s, but nothing below the equator or unions of men/women. If you are into understanding the world of Japanese — it’s culture, nuances, etc., this is a good DVD for you. If you are a Maria Ozawa fan, this is more of a tittilation and not the like the X-rated, “uncensored” movies you can obtain starring Maria from other sources.

Nathan H. Hill "Gaiigin Booker" says:

Interesting Soft Core Selection This is an interesting story, the plot is a bit thin regarding monsters in modern society. It basically serves a vehicle to get Maria Ozawa to take her clothes off. If that is what you are looking for it is a descent movie. If you want a plot and charater driven story it would probably be a good idea to look elsewhere.

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