Logitech Wireless Gaming Mouse G700

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Logitech Wireless Gaming Mouse G700

With 13 programmable controls and a full-speed wireless connection, the logitech wireless gaming mouse g700 keeps you comfortable, in control and deep into your game.

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Ed says:

Release The Kraken! Does Logitech ever sleep? They seem to churn out new and improved peripherals at an unsustainable pace. Yet, here we are. The long-time peripheral maker is at it again and has unleashed the upon the PC gaming world. The new Logitech wireless G700 gaming mouse is most definitely a monster. In a good way.PROS:- Highly accurate tracking (5700dpi max)- User replaceable AA rechargeable Eneloop battery- 13 programmable buttons for each of 5 profiles- Matte finish easy to grip- Reasonably comfortable- Hybrid mouse (corded mousing ability)- Includes USB extension cable for wireless receiverCONS:- Charge only via powered USB port- On the heavy side- Slightly elevated slope might be uncomfortable to some- Does not include a unifying receiverSometimes the packaging tells you everything about the product. I have owned countless Logitech mice and I’m very familiar with the packaging. A nice touch on the G700 is a tab that allows you to slide everything out of the box more easily without trashing the box. The G700 for me, is a replacement for my wired , which replaced my older wireless . I had used the G9 in conjunction with a wireless mouse, but I can safely say I no longer need 2 different mice for gaming and for general use.COMFORTThe G700 is nearly as comfortable as the MX Revolution, to me. The G700 however, is higher at the peak of it’s slope, with a higher backside than the MX Revolution. My fingers do not rest as comfortably down on the left/right buttons because my palm is more elevated than on the MX Revolution. It is more substantial than the G9 but more comfortable in my opinion. The one thing I wish were still possible in the G700 is the adjustable weight system that the G9 used. It’s a bit on the heavy side and I would have preferred being able to set my own weight.TRACKINGIf you’re a spec geek, you’ll be happy to know that the tracking resolution on the G700 is a bountiful 5700 dpi. The G7 was rated at 2000 dpi and the G9 at 3200 dpi. I’m not sure why they couldn’t use their Darkfield Laser technology on the G700. Perhaps it was a required compromise to keep the cost down from the already hefty price tag or perhaps it’s not even possible. The Logitech Performance Mouse MX’s resolution is still good at 1500 dpi, but not quite up to par with most gaming mice. Regardless, I had no problems tracking with the G700 and on-the-fly dpi changes were quick and easy.There have been some chatter online about the G700 having problems with small, precise movements that are key to FPS games. I can say confidently that I don’t have these problems. The SetPoint software I downloaded from Logitech did apply an update to the mouse though, so perhaps it was a firmware update to address this issue. I’m currently on firmware version 22.35.CUSTOMIZATIONI have to say that the individually sculpted buttons on the G700 have been done as tasteful as you could want for a mouse with THIRTEEN buttons. There are 4 by the thumb, 3 by the forefinger, 3 for the scroll wheel, 1 under the scroll wheel, and of course, the left and right buttons. The scroll wheel is the highly vaunted hyper-fast scroll wheel that can scroll freely. The button directly under the wheel allows you to easily switch to the ratcheting style scroll and back. All the buttons are placed in easy to reach positions and all are customizable with the SetPoint software.The G700-specific SetPoint options are separated from the keyboard so you won’t see a tab for it if you happen to use a Logitech keyboard as well. The options in SetPoint are laid out well and easy to configure. From what I can tell, once you have written the configurations to the mouse’s memory, you can use them on any computer without SetPoint. Great for LAN parties if you don’t travel with your own rig. By default, the G700 comes with 3 profiles in which you can set different functions for each button. You can even add 2 more profiles, giving you a total of 5 profiles of 13 functions. That equates to a possible 65 different functions for your mouse. A mouse! You can keep track of which profile you are using with the LED indicators on the side.WIRELESS PERFORMANCEIt’s been a long time since I have had a wireless Logitech mouse give me problems with lag or stuttering and the G700 is no exception. I placed the nano receiver into the back of my desktop computer, which is located on the floor, under my desk. Logitech includes an…

Dimitrios Tolios "Mental Raytarded" says:

A Great mouse, not just for Gamers Logitech G700 ReviewPROS:- Good tracking / High Precision (5700dpi max, read further)- Nano Receiver- Good ergonomics: I personally like the G700’s shape and feel. I don’t think it’s heavier than it needs to be for a solid, positive movement and I can use it for hours, even corded without strain.- The 13 buttons can be programmed for 5 different profiles – Using Setpoint 5.44.5 works like a charm. The tactile feel of them is fine for my needs. I would prefer less of clicking noises using left / right and center mouse buttons.- Finishing is great matte black – less cheesy than the G500 or other “gaming mice”. Probably a Con for ppl that like showing off, but…- User replaceable AA rechargeable Eneloop battery.- You can charge it while you use it. The “wired” mode transition is seamless – at least with the drivers I’ve used – but some reviewers disagree on that. Setpoint 5.44.5 on Win 7 64bit never produced a freeze or loss of settings while hot-plugging the USB cable while the mouse was used.- Matte finish easy to grip. Feels “different” than the normal rubber padded mice, but will probably last longer too. Grip is quite positive, no concerns.- Includes USB extension cable for wireless receiver – more of a desktop user easement. Range is great for laptop use, works out to 3 feet / 1 meter easily, never had need for more.CONS:- Big, not ideal for slipping it in your laptop’s slim carrying messenger bag, but nothing terrible. <- actually I do carry it around in my slim messenger belkin, but that's me...- Noisy clicks...I would prefer it more subtle for "stealth" gaming. Hard for someone to miss what you are doing with loud blazing clicks when in the heat of battle!- Charge only via powered USB port (well, I wouldn't like to drag a docking station around, so, no biggie)- Slightly elevated slope might be uncomfortable to some - definitely not a "claw"-grip. Works Ok with my middle-sized hands.- Does not include a unifying nano-receiver (guess the "G series" nano provides faster response? nothing i can feel tho)- Battery life is nothing to talk home about, but not terrible, and you can replace it almost on the fly (or hook the USB cable). On par or better with most high performance mice, that are tied to Li-Ion proprietary battery packs.This review follows almost 3 weeks after the mouse has been purchased.Main thoughts -- Productivity PerformanceUsed the G700 in a variety of applications, mainly design programs and games. The 5 available profiles work a charm and you can program the driver to "sense" the application's .exe and switch profiles on the fly: switching between say - Autodesk Revit and SketchUp to Adobe Illustrator and back for copy-pasting etc, the software follows you switching profiles seamlessly, altering assigned macros for the thumb / side buttons. Each profile can have it's own DPI setting and DPI steps that you can then hard-set on the fly on the mouse. The profiles are stored on the mouse's internal mem-bank too, so you take those settings with you to use on multiple PCs.- Gaming PerformanceThe real performance difference is in games tho, where you really feel the increase in precision despite the dpi used - I doubt that people can positively utilize more than 2000dpi on their mice, with me finding a limit close to the 1600dpi. Above that you cannot be precise enough for anything but laid back internet browsing.I do play MMOs (EVE online), where the extra buttons can do macros etc just fine but precision is not that critical. In the more demanding FPS world, the mouse clearly shines. To be honest I've never had complains on the responsiveness of the VX Nano or the Microsoft's Mobile 4000, yet the G700 beats them on all surfaces. Almost any cheap cloth mouse-pad (used it on black and grey) did improve the feel of it over bare desktop surfaces.Tracking while you snipe is great, and sensitivity is easily adjusted by the default keys left of your right index finger. You can customize the dpi switching to be assigned to any key, with +/- steps in independent keys or looping through the settings with just one key.The "extra" G keys have a positive feel and I personally found them quite easy to find and identify just with touch. Unlike other reviewers, I did like the thumb keys and I can use them each and every time without missing or guessing. All of them work for both a slight "upward/in" movement of the thumb, or direct depression. Did not run into locking problems when using more than 2-3 buttons at a time (speaking on coms, using assigned macros and/or firing etc).Response is great and you cannot tell between wired and wireless.- Side status LEDs3 triangle LEDs live on the left side of the G700. With 3x primary colors, indicate the profile in use in case you...

P. Tran says:

Best gaming mouse I’ve ever used I received my mouse about a week ago, and have been putting it through the rounds. Before using this mouse, my main gaming mouse was the Logitech G7. It was a really great mouse for its time.Compared to the G7, the G700 has a much better feel to it. The surface is rough, instead of smooth and slick like the G7, so all your finger gunk doesn’t get on there. All of the buttons on the G700 can be identified just by feeling them. They seem very natural to click.The accuracy of this mouse is insane. I use it at 1000 reports/sec on max gaming power mode. Usually with a new mouse it takes time to get used to it, but this mouse just seemed so natural to me that I got used to it right away. It’s slightly better than the G7, but it’s *much* more consistent/reliable in its movement than the Performance mouse MX (which I use on my laptop). I mostly play league SC2 (diamond 1v1) so this is very important to me.The battery lasts 3-5 hours in this max gaming mode before you have to plug in the usb cable. At this point, it becomes a wired mouse instead of a wireless mouse. I kind of miss the old G7 design where you would just swap batteries all the time, so it would be wireless full time. You can do that with this mouse too I suppose, since it takes a normal AA battery. You just have to buy some rechargeable AA batteries and charge some while you’re playing.

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