Logitech Keyboard Folio for iPad mini – Electric Blue (920-005177)

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Logitech Keyboard Folio for iPad mini – Electric Blue (920-005177)

A striking folio that protects and complements your iPad mini. The EasyType keyboard brings the feel and comfort of traditional keys to a compact keyboard.

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K. Foley "momof3" says:

Perfect! I love this case! I bought it to replace the logitech keyboard case for the mini and this has all the same fetures and more! It has the auto on/off when you open and close the case, it covers the back of the ipad, you can still use the ipad to read and fold it over the keyboard. The only downside I can think of it the thickness of the whole thing but I expecte it to be a little bigger since it has a keyboard. It even came fully charged! Bonus! fyi the case a little more than doubles the thickness and weight of the ipad mini.

richiro says:

Great folio that has the big 3 features I haven’t seen in other products offering keyboard So what I considered the big 3 features for a case I was looking for:1. kb integration without having to continuously add/remove the keyboard or iPad2. what i call “dual-use” mode where I can either use it like a laptop with a propped up display, or fold it flat for hand held “tablet” style use (say like reading a book or browsing the web or hand-held video viewing)3. Protective “case” holding all of this togetherI scoured through tons of offerings on multiple sites (but of course Amazon always has the MOST selection so I always find what i wnat here – no i do not work or know anybody that works for Amazon). And this really was the only one that did all 3.I love that i can “laptop” it or “tablet” it and either use the actual keyboard or the virtual keyboard on the iPad Mini itself all eithout ever having to unclip, remove, re-clip, or re-add any component. Once you install the iPada Mini into this folio – you never have to undo anything again. All you do is fold or unfold.The bluetooth kb conects easily and quickly with a switch with multiple places to let you know what’s going on (LED on top/right KB for LED indicator of connection and/or charge, or the side panel where the switch is at where an obvious RED label shows when bluetooth kb is “off”). The literature boasts some really huge/long kb battery life – but it’s actually turned out to be true. I haven’t charged the kb yet and i’ve owned this thing for a 1-2 months (I haven’t even charged it when unboxing it).The kb I found is more practical than the other ones offered – yo don’t have many missing keys or re-located keys due to the limited space (and yes.. it is a small kb to the tune of – you’ll end up typing faster “pecking” than using traditional typing positions and fingers). The only key really that isn’t “natural” is the TAB key which is a FN+TAB key hit – but that’s the only anamoly from a “normal” keyboard I have found so far. I’m okay with that since I’m used to hitting CTRL-TAB or CMD-TAB all the time to do work.Due to the iPad mini size and not wanting a honking huge thing to carry around with case, you will also find that using the kb can be slightly challenging due to the “wobble” of the setup while you are typing if the iPad Mini is not on a solid surface (so typing in your lap is a bit challenging almost to the point you want to use the virtual kb again). But this is not a shortcoming of the product, that is going to be something any kb for iPad Mini will run into.The only thing that really disappointed me (but it was my fault not the manufacturer’s) is that I bought this believing it was a zippered folio to offer 100% protection when not in use. It is NOT zippered and so it is open all the way around when not in use. It would be nearly perfect as it can be if it were zippered. The magnets are SUPER strong though so it will hold together when you’ve “closed it” or locked it into “laptop” position just fine (almost TOO strong.. i started to worry if it was affecting iPad performance or interfering with wireless connections lol… probably not… that probably has to do more with my shall-go-nameless cellular carrier on my iPad Mini).NOTE: If you have decided or concluded that you want laptop-like keyboard functionality in using your iPad- I strongly recommend that such a need really requires the full iPad footprint and not the iPad Mini. The selections of cases/kb is just much better with the full-sized iPad and the iPad Mini will always have the disadvantage of smaller, scrunchier keyboards, weirdly re-configured keyboards to accomodate the smaller space, and the “laptop wobble” syndrome as you type because there just isn’t a large enough sturdy base to keep it steady if it’s lying on a softer surface (like your lap).This is a terrific product – but you wont’ end up using the kb as much as you thought you might have – which defeats the purpose to it to begin with. Still.. it’s a very NICE option to have for the cases it does help more than it frustrates.

L. Mateo says:

Better protection than the logitech ultrathin keyboard i recently bought the ultrathin keyboard for the ipad2 so my daughter could do school work. i liked it so much that i bought the ultrathin for the mini. i loved it too. only problem i have with the ultrathin is that they don’t protect the ipads. when in use, the ipads are pretty much exposed. i found this out the hard way when my ipad mini unclipped from the keyboard and fell on the tile floor. there is now a small crack on the lower left corner. this of course made me reassess the keyboard. i ended up buying the folio. it protects the ipad mini while in it and works really well, like all of logitech’s keybaords tend to do. my only gripe is that the keys seem almost toy like (probably cause they are white and plasticy). i must say that i like the materials of the cover and the rubbery ipad holder is great. it makes inserting and removing the ipad from the cover very easy as opposed to other covers that use very hard and not very flexible plastic.if you want a keyboard for your ipad but you also want the ipad protected while using said keyboard, this is the way to go.

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