Logitech G19s Gaming Keyboard with Color Game Panel Screen (920-004985)

Pinned on August 30, 2013 at 4:21 pm by Cheryl Wojcik

Logitech G19s Gaming Keyboard with Color Game Panel Screen (920-004985)

Logitech G19s Gaming Keyboard with Color Game Panel Screen

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I. R. Smart. "Tzu Crazy" says:

Overpriced, under-engineered. Logitech G19s vs. G710+. I’ll be honest. It’s hard to even give this product 2.5 stars. But let’s start at the beginning.Opening the box is a simple affair. Two seals on either end of the box and you’re in.Inside the box is the keyboard, a wrist rest, and a wall plug. That’s it.Setting the keyboard up is very easy. If you want to use just the keyboard, you don’t need to use the wall plug. But if you want to use the built-in LCD screen, you’ll need to have wall-power. Given how tiny the LCD screen is, I’m somewhat surprised Logitech couldn’t have gotten the screen to work with USB power. In addition, you can’t even use the keyboard backlight without wall power.Build Quality:This is where I started to get worried.First, the keyboard is an all-plastic affair. Not necessarily a terrible thing, but for the price this keyboard costs the cheap feel is incredibly surprising. It weighs less than my Logitech G710+ keyboard which doesn’t even have an LCD! The LCD screen is covered in plastic, surrounded by plastic, makes a plastic-y creaking sound when you adjust the angle, and it sits on a plastic bar (colored silver to make you think it’s metal or aluminum or something…).Speaking of disheartening moments, I noticed my LCD had some factory scratches in the plastic coating, and several pieces of factory dust/grime under the plastic, in the LCD, which of course can’t be removed.Moving on to the keys themselves:The space bar on my particular G19s has quite a bit of wobble to it. Every time I press it (typing this review), it doesn’t convey a quality key press. All the keys exhibit this “wobble,” but the space bar, being so large, feels the most at risk and disjointed.The typing experience itself isn’t all bad, but isn’t great, either. I currently own the Logitech G710+ as well, so I’m able to directly compare the typing experience on that vs the G19s. First, inexplicably, the G19s does not have mechanical keys unlike the G710+, which does. For a quality gaming keyboard with this price-tag, this is unforgivable. With that out of the way, let me state the following:With the G19s, the ONLY thing you’re paying for is that LCD screen. Aside from a few gaming-related keys, the rest of the keyboard is as generic as it comes.So let’s talk about that LCD screen..Out of the box, you can select gaming profiles with it (be sure to have Logitech’s software installed). This was frustrating since you can’t scroll through the games list by holding down a button. You have to tap, tap, tap, tap to get through the games. You can also see your CPU usage, or a handy clock, watch videos on it (why?) but only if they’re in the required folder, or see a feed from your webcam on it. The webcam feed didn’t work very well for me, only refreshing the image it was seeing very infrequently. I was momentarily excited to see YouTube in the apps list for the LCD, but even then – picking a video just gave me the option of opening it in my browser. What’s the point, then? Apparently there’s a way (with macros) to get YouTube videos to play on the tiny LCD, but I really can’t see why you’d bother.Honestly, I’m a gamer, and unless you really need a clock or your CPU usage open all the time while you’re in game, the LCD is pretty useless. In time, there may be decent third-party apps for it that come out for individual games, but I find the likelihood of this to be low given the price-point and how niche this device is. (The G19 keyboard has been around for a while, and there’s still hardly any apps for it. I suspect the G19s will suffer the same fate.)Speaking of quality issues, the LCD has other problems: There are some directional buttons right next to it so you can scroll through the apps list. My buttons require a VERY firm push to work. If you press them, they click but do nothing. If you press them FIRMLY, they click and actually do something.The keyboard backlight:My G710+ only has one keyboard backlight color. White. However, it has four brightness levels, and you can even independently change the brightness of the WASD and arrow keys separate to the rest of the keyboard. Excellent design for gaming! The G19s, however, has no such thing. You can change the colors of the keys, – full RGB configuration. However, there’s only one brightness level (on or off!), and it’s for ALL the keys. More importantly, it’s simply not bright enough. I compared my G710+ to the G19s, and the G19s backlight brightness is the same as the G710+ at its LOWEST level. Bear in mind, the G710+ doesn’t need any external power, and still is infinitely brighter than the G19s.The reason for this is simple: The G710+ has individual LEDs under each key, and the G19s does not, despite costing more than the G710+ and not having mechanical keys… Why?Overall, I have to say I’m really…

Tim Garcia says:

Doesnt work and will take weeks to replace. Got it in 2 days amazon always awesome.read directions, downloaded software since it had no disc. used the pictographs provided to guess how to hook it up.ran software used usb in motherboard and attached power cord.Logitech software does not see keyboard, the keyboard video screen blinks white light at me, good thing I’m not epileptic.spent 4 hours loading unloading re-downloading tried everything i could think of.called Logitech, first tech bails on me after 20 minutes, second one spends 1 hour 20 minutes and yes it does not work.sent them the receipt now i have to wait for a return packing slip, they say when they get the keyboard back( one week or more?)it will then take 7-10 I’m assuming working days to process it and then send me another new keyboard.It was obviously not working at the factory with the wildly flashing screen, yet they send it out for some poor sucker (me) to buy and then from the goodness of their hearts I will receive another chance to get one that works in a month, maybe.Seriously it was new and i have to wait a month for replacement is just bad customer service.**edit** raised stars with the second keyboard that works fine

Jan F says:

NB- Some G19 keys stop working after a while (L & M & P especially) BE WARNED……G19 owners ..and possibly new owners (but also read ALL below) please…Only when it happened to me did i search for similar problems and BLAM – what a lot of the same!!! (I have a possibly older “plain” G19)(IF a year can be called ‘old’… what a parody!!)So it seems a for sure a Logitech G19 design flaw!!!!If you can RMA and don’t mind wasting time and effort – your choiceBut like myself far away with pathetic local “agents” – what a joke – we have to import from Amazon. Great if the product worked for more than 2 years ..hopefully longer…Hoping Logitech has a plan to uphold their brand in other countries – else sending it back costs half a new one…no way!The problem – just Google “L” and “M” key presses:When I press the “l” key on my G19 it types = ,l8When I press “m” it types = M&AWhen I press “p” it jumps to the top line.Is it nice otherwise?NO..perhaps…. unless they make the underutilized little screen more useful off the bat – out of the box. Who needs hours of learning to install whatever’s from wherever to do basic thingsIT IS A DECENT Keyboard.I love Logitech products overall – thus my disgust in this situation…And *********** Does the “”new”” G19’S’ address this “factory fault” ? ******************Personally i think so…. or am i just hoping aloud?Wish they would be open and honest……Perhaps condense all above into one sentence – before buying ask Logitech if the new G19S resolves the known plain G19 problem!Hope it helps some new gamers…..

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