Lifetime 1531 Complete Portable Basketball System, 48″ Shatter Guard Backboard

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Lifetime 1531 Complete Portable Basketball System, 48″ Shatter Guard Backboard

Lifetime Complete Portable Basketball system offers you their trademark Shatter Guard backboard, along with the Quick Adjust height feature to include all ages and sizes in the game. Our portable base rolls to the desired game destination and is UV-protected and won’t crack or degrade outdoors. This system is ready to go, you just need to bring the ball ! Customer care contact information; 1-800-242-3865 (or) www.lifetime.comLifetime’s line of portable basketball systems feature high-density polyethylene portable bases, all-weather nylon nets, a variety of height adjustments from 7.5 to ten feet high (six-inch increments), fade-resistant graphics, powder-coated steel poles, and heavy duty steel rims for years of reliable fun.

This hoop’s rolling base makes it easy to position the hoop wherever you’d like, and its UV-protected construction won’t crack or degrade outdoors. A 48-inch Shatter Guard backboard is made of practically indestructible Makrolon polycarbonate that will stand up to the most wicked dunks. A three-piece, telescoping pole system makes height adjustment fast and easy, and the rim’s welded steel net hooks are designed to withstand aggressive play.

All Lifetime products include a limited manufacturer’s warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Details are included with your purchase.

About Lifetime Products
Headquartered in Clearfield, Utah, Lifetime Products, Inc. is the world’s leading manufacturer of residential basketball hoops and folding tables and chairs.

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Two kids mom "scienceteachermom" says:

Lifetime stood by the product warranty on our older version of this hoop. We have an older version of this basketball hoop. In fact it is 4 years and 10 months old. This is important because the warranty was five years. At 4 years and 10 months the backboard cracked when the kids were using it. A large hole developed after a few more shots. I emailed the company, sent in some photos (as requested) and the Amazon receipt (another nice thing about Amazon, they keep track of when you bought stuff for you) of the backboard. They shipped me a new backboard free of charge in a few days. It is nice to see a company that stands by its products. They were cheerful about replacing it.Other than that it has served us well, never fallen over even in 45 MPH winds and the base and pole were still in fine shape after 4 plus years.

Electronics Junkie says:

Overall a good buy… This was the cheapest 48″ goal I could find anywhere on the web and in town. For the money the goal is good but does have some issues. It took me about 2 hours to assemble it. Assembly is pretty clean but some additional close up pictures of some of the steps would be helpful. If you decide to use water for the base make sure to put water in after you have placed the goal in its final resting spot. The plastic base is not built with a very strong thick grade of plastic. As a result of trying to move the goal with the water in the base we sprung a leak and I had to patch the plastic base with glue. Moving it on flat surface even with water also will prevent this type of damage from occurring. It rolls fine with water in the base but going over driveway curb ends, etc. can create a problem for the base.Not included and which I feel is very important is a top pole cap. They talk in the manual about making sure there are no rust spots on the pole and if there are any that develop over the years how to patch them. The outside of the pole is painted black. However, that is only 50% of the pole surface. The other 50% is on the inside of the pole. The inside has no paint to protect it from rust. Thus with no pole cap any rain water will enter the pole from the top and make it rust from the inside. This is even more dangerous since you can’t even see this potential degradation. I ended up solving this problem myself by using a plastic peanut butter jar as a cap. It fitted perfectly inside the pole (use the smaller jars of peanut butter). I painted it black so it would match. I do not have the years of age on it so time will tell how it holds up. The bolts are zinc and not stainless so they are not really made to stand up to water over a long period of time. I guess maybe paying more for a goal might get more bells and whistles like stainless parts among other refinements. Other than that for the price ($156 total delivered) you can’t beat it.

H. Liu says:

Good hoop Couldn’t have asked for a better hoop in this price range.I’m only pointing out a few things that I thought was useful but couldn’t figure out when I was deciding on which to buy:-I filled with water, and it is just fine no chance of it falling over-Yes you do bend a piece of plastic for the mounting/adjusting mechanism of the backboard->pole, but it is mainly a sliding guide, and doesn’t seem like it will break over time-Easy adjusting with a broom stick. Push the rim itself to raise, push the metal behind the backboard to lower-Backboard does wobble a bit when you hit the backboard, but not to the point where it gets annoying (you can still shoot bank shots). More motivation to shoot swishes anyway-Backboard does not “deaden” the ball that badly-Wheels on the front so you can tilt and move the hoop after you fill it, though it is pretty heavy even with just water-Installation took me awhile, but is not hard. Read the instructions, on my manual there was a picture with an extra screw which does not exist and does not show up in the item list. Don’t let that confuse you.Hope that helps

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