Let’s Go Fishin’

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Let’s Go Fishin’

Try to get the most fish in this classic action-packed game! For 1-4 players.The musical Let’s Go Fishin’ game is a test for the eyes, hands, ears, and patience. As the pond circles the base (to the tune of “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”) see how many more colorful fish you can catch than your fellow players. The trick is that the fish are moving up and down as they circle, as well opening and closing their mouths. Can you time it just right and bring home dinner? This game for one to four players includes four fishing poles, the musical game base (which can rotate with or without music), 21 colorful fish, and complete instructions. Requires two AA batteries (not included). –Heather Hawkins

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J. Conn "Wife, Mom, Doula, Big Geek" says:

Fun Even For a Little One My son was two when he got this for Christmas. It says 4 and up on the box,but I thought we’d give it a try. 4 might be the age when they can understand playing it as a game with a winner, but my two-year-old has no problem catching fish on his own.The first time we took this out of the book, he played it for two solid hours! He loves to catch a fish and then tell you what color he caught and have you catch the same color. We also count them – “How many red fish did you catch? 1-2-3!” He’s taken it to all his grandparents’ houses and played it with anyone who will. He has played it every single day since Christmas.I deducted one star because the fish are pretty thin plastic and even though we’re careful, it’s only a matter of time until we step on one and break it. It doesn’t come with any extras. Also, for some reason, the box is really tight around the game and putting the game back in the box can cause the fishes’ mouths to pop off (you put them right back on).Overall, this was one of his favorite toys this Christmas.

M. H Shamp says:

Simple, ingenius toy This toy is cleverly designed. The fish goes around, and it even opens and closes its mouth to bite the bait. How neat! They make it happen with a ingenious trick so that nothing would go wrong — the fish’s mouth won’t get stuck shut, for example, and catching a fish is so easy, a baby can do it. Even though it warns about small parts, I don’t see anything small enough to swallow here, so it’s perfectly safe for those under 3, in my opinion. My boy is 4 and took to the game right away. The price is very reasonable; most other toys like this costs twice as much. Even I had fun with it for a little while. Five stars to the designer!

V_bill says:

Spins too fast To clear up a few things: 1) The game uses 1 C battery, not 2 AAs. 2) There is no music as stated in the product description. 3) The fishing pole and fish are not magnetic as in other, smaller, wind-up versions of this game.My biggest complaints are that it spins a little too fast, which means that the fish don’t keep their mouths open for very long. And because the fishing pole is two plastic pieces with a small cone/cup shaped plastic knob (which is only a little smaller than the fish’s mouths) instead of a magnet on a string as in the small, wind-up versions, catching fish isn’t all that easy. It’s not terribly hard, as I got the hang of it in a few minutes, but it’s definitely not as easy as in the magnetic versions.Lastly, the reason some people have trouble putting the game back into its box is because some of the fish are still in their “up” positions (sticking up, with their mouths open). You just need to rotate it manually until all fish are in their “down” positions. But be sure to only rotate it the way the thing normally rotates, though, otherwise you might damage it.Also, I saw this at Target for less money.

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