LEGO Super Heroes Superman Vs Power Armor Lex 6862

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LEGO Super Heroes Superman Vs Power Armor Lex 6862

LEGO Super Heroes Superman Vs Power Armor Lex 6862

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pushpin says:

Great set for the right price I bought this at MSRP at a brick and mortar store (check the LEGO website for it’s suggested price, especially before you buy from third party sellers).For a licensed set, the pricing combined with the detailed model and the three unique minifigures are a good deal and a great surprise. The power armor is a nice throwback to the Exoforce theme that LEGO had a while back but it a bit smaller and a lot sturdier than the Exoforce. The detail is good but not extravagant enough that it becomes a fragile model to actually play with. It’s pretty sturdy, can be posed without falling apart and can stand on its own. I really the details the put to create the kryptonite blaster. Swivels 360 degrees at the waist. Doesn’t bend at the ‘knees’ like Exo-Force mechs but it makes for a sturdier model. It’s playability is perfect for younger kids.There are also a lot of unique and rare pieces used to build the power armor so it’s great for LEGO builders who want to add more unique pieces to their brick collection (a lot of the pieces would be great for a mad scientist lab).The minifigures are awesome and make nice, unique additions to our collection. As with most licensed LEGO minifigures, the three minifigures are a light flesh-color rather than the standard minifigure yellow. Superman and Wonder Woman have two-sided face but Lex Luthor doesn’t (probably because he is bald). The superman minifigure comes with a unique hairstyle piece, a red cape and the torso has muscular design drawn on it. Wonder Woman comes with a unique golden lasso (not the same lasso that comes with horses and knights) and has a detailed torso as well. Lex has unique black suit torso and plain black legs. Love the minifigures. They don’t look as strange as the new Batman and Catwoman minifigures in the series with the enlarged heads. LEGO did right with this half the of the superhero line.All in all, I’m pretty pleased with this set. Three unique minifigures (and all of them key characters, not random henchmen or civilians), nicely designed mechwarrior-type suit and a great price (if you buy at the right price!). Would have liked some kind of street element like a newspaper stand or stoplight that is included in the other Superhero sets but in general, I’m very satisfied. Box said it includes a comic book but it’s more like a small pamphlet with pictures on it.Highly recommended for kids and adult LEGO fans looking for an awesome budget LEGO purchase.

Liz Loma says:

Superman and Wonder Woman minifigures!! My 6 year old just bought this set at Target for $19.99, so yes, the $37 price on Amazon currently is a bit outrageous. However, I believe in reviewing the product and not the seller under product reviews. The product is a solid 4 star, maybe even 5 star! My son’s review is, “It’s awesome! It has superheroes!” I personally LOVE the Wonder Woman minifigure! As a mom who grew up with Wonder Woman and who has a son who’s totally into Superheroes and Legos, I think this may be the best collection yet! My 6 year old put this set together without any adult help, but he’s been putting Lego sets together for some time. After he put it together, he played with them as action figures for another half hour or so until bedtime.You can get about everything else from the box description – the set comes with 3 minifigures (Superman, Wonder Woman and Lex Luthor) and the pieces necessary to make Lex’s Power Armor. It’s a must-have for any Superhero fan who also loves Legos! Can’t wait to find the other DC Superhero Lego sets at a reasonable price either in the store or on Amazon!

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