LEGO Nitro Muscle 8194

Pinned on August 26, 2013 at 5:55 pm by Jeff Martin

LEGO Nitro Muscle 8194

Pieces: 47

Super-wide tires for super-fast racing!
Extra-wide tires and a turbo-charged V8 engine make this Tiny Turbo stock car super fast, even on tight turns! Multiply the fun by adding it to any fold-out LEGO® Racers set, or create a tough racing truck by rebuilding it with 8192 Lime Racer!

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Beccaboney "beccaboney" says:

Great for 7 year olds My child is 7 and loves Legos. Yes, he can follow the instructions and make what is on the box, but the cool thing is he can also make other stuff with the same parts. Maybe this isn’t everyone’s experience, but for me and our family, these are perfect for him. I buy a few of these before long car rides and he spends quite a bit of time putting them together. Then we get to the hotel, he wants to rework it into something completely different. By the time our trip is over he has made it 7 or 8 different ways, all cooler than the next. I think this is a very open-ended toy in that way, which I appreciate. Also, I rotate these. I buy them on sale, usually 1/2 off, then only take out one at a time. So whenever he needs a distraction, I pull out one of these and he’s super happy. Love Legos!

Anonymous says:

Cant find these in stores too often. Worth the money though pricey since we are paying shipping but we had the other model that we can cross to make a total of 6 vehicles.

Anonymous says:

If you have children who enjoy playing with Legos, this is sure to be a hit. These cars are fun to build. They are challenging enough to be fun, but not too hard to become frustrating. I like that with Legos you can build anything you can think of. The possibilities are endless. I didn’t realize until it was pointed out to me by my children, that some of the sets can be combined to make larger cars or trucks. We happened to have two sets that combined. It was fun to combine the sets to make something new.

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