Learning Resources Pretend & Play Calculator Checkbook

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Learning Resources Pretend & Play Calculator Checkbook

It’s fun to play like you’re a grown up! Kids fill out pretend checks, make payments and calculate their balance as they learn about check writing. Calculator is solar-powered and checks are actual size for even more realistic play. Includes 25 checks, check register, pen, calculator, deposit slips and instruction card.

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mom2karrottopz "mom2karrottopz" says:

Disappointed When my teenage children were younger I bought them pretend checkbooks by ParentBanc and used them for their allowance. Now that my other two are ages 7 and 10, I wanted to do the same with them, to teach them the concept of checks and help them learn to manage their money. I have not been able to find the ParentBanc checks, but I did find this set, which looked to be really nice, so I ordered them (although I feel they are overpriced). I was disappointed to find that the check register is simply two connected sheets printed on front and back, the checkbook doesn’t have a cardboard backing to slide into the checkbook cover. I guess my expectations were high because the ParentBanc brand was so much nicer and more like the real deal. Also, I ordered two sets and the pen doesn’t work in either set. I gave my kids a real check register and another pen, so these serve the purpose for their allowance, but for $15 per set, I really expected better.

Karen L. Shaffer "A 6 year olds mom" says:

Pretend Checkbook Like the real deal. what a neat concept. Wish it was available when I was a kid (am I showing my age). It is a must have

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