Kindle Money Mastery: How I Make Six Figures Through Amazon Kindle Publishing Revealed (How To Make Money WIth Kindle)

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Kindle Money Mastery: How I Make Six Figures Through Amazon Kindle Publishing Revealed (How To Make Money WIth Kindle)

Discover How I Make Six Figures Through My Proven Step-By-Step Amazon Kindle Publishing Method!

Today only, get this Amazon bestseller for just $0.99. Regularly priced at $9.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

Hi, my name is Stefan Pylarinos and I am going to reveal to you my proven, step-by-step method to making six figures with Amazon Kindle publishing.

In this book, I am going to outline many of the methods and secrets that I’ve used to create, publish and market over 100+ Kindle books within only a few short months and a six figure passive income from.

This method WORKS. It not only works for myself, but the many other people that have been through this program. People have paid me over $1800 ($300/hour) to learn this information from me through 1-on-1 coaching on my blog, Not only that, but this book contains many of the secrets that I share in my Kindle Money Mastery membership program.

If you want to learn how to make passive income online from Amazon Kindle Publishing, then you absolutely cannot miss out on downloading this book!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

Many of this information in this book is from my Kindle Money Mastery membership program, which people pay a lot of money for. While this book has some information about my Kindle Money Mastery membership program, it is NOT a “sales pitch”. This book provides a lot of practical information that will help you to be able to create, publish and market your Kindle book fast… and start making money from it!

Take action today and buy this Kindle Money Mastery book so you can start making passive income online through my Kindle publishing method for a limited time discount.

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Patrick Doucette says:

Valuable Guidance for just starting out with Kindle Publishing I just finished reading Kindle Money Mastery and I would like to give my personal opinion. I found this to be an excellent reminder for what works!The section on Niche selection – what to actually write about – is worth the price of the book. I so often get distracted and invest a ton of time writing about a topic that interests ‘me’! So I go and waste weeks furiously churning out 2000 to 3000 words per day; I finally get my ‘masterpiece’ finished, published to Kindle and then all I can hear is crickets chirping…Stefan’s ‘Niche Test’ and ‘Criteria for Niche Selection’ have got me back on track to spend time on providing what the marketplace wants; not what I want. I am very thankful for the wake up call.That being said, usually I already follow 90%+ of the techniques described in this book and have had good success so far; so this is more of a reminder for me, but it did give me some extra nuggets that I will be able to add to my overall strategy.He does recommend his full training program often throughout this book but it is likely that many people just getting staring with Kindle will need that extra guidance which would be beyond the scope of an ebook format; such as case study videos or videos on formatting etc.If I was just getting started with Kindle, I would buy both this book and his training. Since I have already been publishing to Kindle for some time, this book alone is a nice boost of motivation and a reminder/realignment to what actually makes money – I wholeheartedly recommend you get this book.

Hans Bruz says:

Counter striking the 1 star Reviewer There’s a 1 star review on this book. And I’ll start by stating this guy’s Review points out the validity and value of Kindle Money Mastery!For example, he complains of the Author’s lack of reading through it to catch the errors, and that it is just like the rest of the “thrown together in an afternoon guides to Kindle Publishing. Have a good cover, a good description blah blah blah.”That’s what this book is about, dude! It’s about streamlining the process of publishing Kindle Books! If Stefan used the exact processes of outsourcing he explains how to utilize in this book that we must do in order to crank out multiple books, then the lesson here is: Stefan is walking his talk in this book!I’m glad to see someone doing what they preach!And by the way, unlike this guys accusations: I’m not a paid reviewer! I am just a dude out in Hawaii who barely personally knows Stefan (go ahead and google my name or blog “Rebel Cleanse” to see for yourself). I’ve been on the journey towards Self-Mastery, found Stefan’s blog Project Life Mastery late last year, and have been following his work and the products he releases. The only reason I bought this book is because his name is behind it and I trust his brand. Period.This book is about making money online, and it overviews one solid way to do that: Kindle Publishing. It accomplished that very well. I had no idea about this subject, and now I feel like my eyes have been opened to a whole new world of possibility. And now I want to learn more. I seriously want the K Money Mastery product he discusses in the book, and if I can get into it, I will be posting my progress on my blogs.By the way, the 1 star reviewer concludes by complaining how this book is just a “lead generator” for the bigger product I just mentioned. Wow what a brilliant observation you made, buddy! My response is that, as readers, we get a bonus insight of seeing the bigger picture of the processes Stefan follows to earn money online. And aren’t we reading this because of our interest of making money online? So this didn’t bother me at all, instead I thought this was a pretty rad subtle benefit of purchasing this ebook.Stefan you rule bro. Keep up the good work. And whoever is contemplating buying this book and wants to get an overview of this new world of Kindle Publishing, it’s worth the money, go for it! 99 cents for God’s sakes! This 1 star reviewer must be in pretty bad shape. I hope things in his life look up soon. Bummer.Cheers!

Susan says:

Pretty Much A Waste Of Time This e-book does have SOME meat, but it keeps referring you to a video course product, that, when you go to the site, does not yet exist, you have to sign up to be notified when it is available.The author keeps referring to templates, links, resources, and such, all at the link with nothing, and god knows what it is going to cost when it does come out. There are plenty of products out there, that give you RESOURCES for free!!!!

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