Kenwood KDC-BT555U In-Dash CD/MP3/USB Car Stereo Receiver with Bluetooth

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Kenwood KDC-BT555U In-Dash CD/MP3/USB Car Stereo Receiver with Bluetooth

Play your favorite music in your automobile using the Kenwood In-Dash CD Player._x000D_ _x000D_ Enjoy wireless music playback from your Bluetooth® device like a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth® through your in-dash player/receiver. It provides easy 1-touch access to Apple’s® Siri® for total convenience of voice control for dialing, email, text messaging, music playback and a host of other voice supported functions on your iPhone® 4S/5. It feature USB connectivity for audio playback from popular devices like; iPhone® and iPod®, smartphones, USB thumb drives and portable hard drives. Play CDs easily using its CD Player. It allows you to install the Pandora App so you can enjoy a personalized listening experience anytime. Connect, control and enjoy satellite radio from SiriusXM™, including the new SiriusXM™ XTRA Channels. The bright 1-line display makes it easy to see the text information when navigating the menu. It comes with a remote cont

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D. Pulsfort says:

Owners of Older Honda Accords (and Civics)…..Rejoice!! I own a 2000 Honda Accord and I have an iPOD CLASSIC and a GS3 SMARTPHONE with BLUETOOTH AUDIO AND PHONE, and I like to listen to SATELLITE RADIO while driving.My goals were to:1) Upgrade the horrid sound quality of the factory audio in my Honda Accord.2) Be able to plug in my iPOD via USB and control it through the new KENWOOD car stereo.3) Be able to make/take calls hands-free through bluetooth phone of my GS3.4) Listen to satellite radio and control it through the KENWOOD car stereo. (You need to buy the SXV200v1 SiriusXM add-on tuner)5) Perhaps, in the future, listen to music through bluetooth audio of my GS3.6) Retain the use of my steering wheel volume and station select controls. (You need to buy the AXXESS ASWC-1 INTERFACE)NOTE: I didn’t buy the KENWOOD KDC-BT555U car stereo from here at Amazon but instead from another well known online car audio store. You can guess which one. Actually, I bought this car stereo AND a pair of 6X9 SOUND ORDNANCE rear speakers from that other place. All though, I did buy from AMAZON the SIRIUS/XM SATELLITE RADIO TUNER that plugs directly into this head unit and also the AXXESS Steering Wheel Control Interface, and I saved quite a bit of money in doing so. (I plan on getting a pair of 6 1/2 SOUND ORDNANCE front speakers this summer for even better sound.)MISSION ACCOMPLISHED: This head unit has all of these features:You can plug in your iPOD via USB located on the front panel and control it from the head unit, same with SATELLITE RADIO (the tuner plugs into the rear and you install it behind the dash). The BLUETOOTH PHONE works well with my GS3; calls are clear and the people I call say they can hear me easily. I cannot comment on the BLUETOOTH AUDIO yet because I don’t have that set up. I can’t be happier with everything so far. Go Kenwood! You do have to run a small microphone out through the dash and stick it somewhere on your dash. It takes a bit of thought to find a good spot to stick it without exposing too much cabling.FINALLY, the sound quality of this new setup is 100 times better than the old factory audio.If you are looking to upgrade your worn out factory Honda audio gear with something WAY BETTER in both features and SOUND QUALITY, then this Kenwood head unit and the Sound Ordinance speakers are the way to go. I cannot believe the jump in sound quality that this new setup offers. It’s light years ahead of the factory Honda stuff — LIGHT YEARS AHEAD. Of course, the year 2000 was 13 years ago. Jeez, I’m getting old!———-UPDATE 4/25/2013———–I just downloaded PANDORA on my GS3, logged on using my email and a password, and set up my first radio station (classic rock).WOW! What a wonderful experience PANDORA radio is! As soon as I selected PANDORA on the KENWOOD, a few moments later and it started working; I didn’t have to setup anything, not even BLUETOOTH AUDIO on my GS3. Everything just worked and the first song started playing, a classic rock song by Billy Joel. KUDOS!There were a few moments of lag there where I thought it wasn’t going to work, like maybe ten seconds or so. I thought I was gonna have to set up BLUETOOTH AUDIO or something, but then it just started playing the first song. AMAZING! Thumbs way up!

Phil says:

Software update This is an excellent unit with a very large feature set, and it’s available at an excellent price. However, it appears that all of the KDC model groups manufactured pre-2013 suffer from a software glitch that causes all audio output to be lost . You can hit the reset button, which works except you’ll also have to reset all your settings, or you can update the software.Software update worked great for me, and also solved the equalizer-vs-blutooth glitch. There are two separate updates. one for the system, and one for the iPod/bluetooth. It’s a somewhat complicated procedure, and it takes a full hour, but it does solve the problems. Also made iPod navigation a bit easier. You have to burn a CD. Here’s the page. it would be nice if it had some flash memory that stored your settings if you disconnect your car’s battery. This is the ONLY drawback of the unit for me. What I did is make a cheat-sheet so i can get back to my preferred settings correctly.In other news, I found the sound quality to be excellent from all sources and at all volumes. This is a great choice if you do not plan to use secondary amplification.The microphone for bluetooth phone is also excellent, it has some kind of noise canceling tech, and people on the other end of the phone can’t tell if the windows are open or not, at 55 MPH. This is a big surprise how good this is. I’ve used others where the sound was hollow or tinny, but this microphone gets top ratings. It does appear to be directional, and has to be pointed directly at your mouth.Ipod navigation takes awhile to learn, but is great once you know it’s quirks.HD-Radio is great. But I would like one-button station selecting. Setting and selecting radio stations is a little difficult. I was surprised that I couldn’t figure this at all without the manual.I have not used pandora.In summary: The software glitch seems to be lowering prices significantly, but is solvable. This may be a place for those not afraid of a little extra tech to get a great deal on a great unit.

Mike says:

Great Features, Terrific Sound, Tremendous Value This head unit is really nice. A tremendous value for the money. I had it installed in my 2006 Toyota Tacoma. With a couple of adapters, the Kenwood integrated into my JBL sound system and the steering wheel controls. It sounds terrific; crisp and clear. The Bluetooth connectivity is very convenient. I use a large-capacity iPod touch along with my iPhone. Both are able to pair with the Kenwood simultaneously. The settings for the unit allow you to specify one Bluetooth device for phone and another for audio. My only gripe here is that when I turn off the vehicle and return later, my phone seems to trump the iPod for audio playback. So I need to jump through a few settings or I need to turn off Bluetooth on the phone. It doesn’t do this every time, so it might be that I’m misunderstanding something. Bluetooth calling is very good, and calls will gracefully interrupt audio playback from the iPod (Nice!). When advancing music on the iPod while listening over Bluetooth, there is a noticeable lag in response. You can’t expect Bluetooth to have immediate response. In fact, while listening to video podcasts, I notice that the video on the device is not even close to synchronized. Not a big deal since I’m actually supposed to be driving, right? The phone mic is placed at the top of the driver’s side A-pillar, and everyone reports that it sounds just fine, no echoing. Devices can also be attached via USB and Aux connectors on the front face. Moving along, the tuner brings in stations loud and clear. The CD deck plays standard audio CDs as well as discs loaded with MP3s. The faceplate is removable, too. Highly recommended.

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