Kaskey Kids Soccer Guys

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Kaskey Kids Soccer Guys

The set includes an oversized ball that kids can actually bat into the goals using the base of each player.

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Dan "Goatman" says:

Creative Play We’ve got three little boys, ages 8, 5 & 3, who love the hockey, soccer, football & baseball guys. For little ones who like “guys”, these toys really encourage imaginative play… for us, preferred over video games or movies… very fun to watch.The main reason I’m providing a review is to detail how I was able to ‘fix’ the only problem we’ve had with the ‘guy’ series… Inevitably, one or more of the guys will show up unable to stand up, either because his base is ‘warped’ or he’s bent at an angle that won’t allow him to stay upright. This also works for guys who are holding bent bats, hockey sticks, etc…Heat a pot of water to just about boiling.Immerse the portion of the ‘warped’ guy in the hot water for about 30 seconds.Stand the guy up in the sink on a plate or some other flat surface and hold him up in the preferred position.Run cold water over the guy for about 15 sec.Once you’ve run the cold water over the guy, this effectively ‘resets’ the position of the guy.If you haven’t got the guy ‘just right’, you can do it over. There shouldn’t be a problem with repeated temperature excursions.Some pointers;Standard warnings about working with hot liquids… should only be done by an adult or supervised. Be careful! Don’t immerse your hand in the hot water.Don’t immerse the whole guy, just the part you’re trying to fix.If you need to fix the base as well as a bat or other spot, do them separately.Hope this helps.

P. OConnor says:

Great product for kids who play soccer My 5 yr old son started playing soccer this fall. When he got this as a birthday present he was hooked. He loves setting up different scenarios with the players. And when he just wants to pretend to play there is a real ball he can “kick” btw the players. It is great.

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