Jump Rope Workouts: Cardio fitness for increased stamina, lean muscle building and fat burning

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Jump Rope Workouts: Cardio fitness for increased stamina, lean muscle building and fat burning

Discover Why Skipping Rope Is One Of The Best Fat Burning And Lean Muscle Building Workouts You Can Do

Jump rope workouts allow you to burn up to 1000 calories an hour while building muscle and stamina. This book will show you how.

To most people aerobic exercise and cardio sucks. To them cardio training brings up horrifying memories of running endless laps around a fitness track or torturing themselves sweating it out hunched over medieval cardio machines. Here’s a question though. Have you ever wondered why these kinds of workouts never seem to help you get any leaner? You’ve put in the time and gone through the pain that often comes with traditional cardio training (painful joints, the time wasted, the boredom) yet you’ve likely never gotten the results you want. No wonder why most people think that cardio sucks!

There is another way, however, and it involves a form of cardio fitness training that you likely haven’t done since grade school. Deceptively simple yet amazingly effective it is likely the fitness solution you’ve been waiting for. What is it? Skipping rope. The truth is that an effective jump rope training program can get you into amazing shape in record time. Here are just some of the benefits you will experience:

Skipping rope is inexpensive, easy to learn (no matter what your age), and incredibly effective. Jump Rope Workouts – Cardio fitness for increased stamina, lean muscle building and fat burning will help you re-discover this classic exercise and put you on the road to becoming a more dynamic you. Order this book NOW and start down the road to becoming the person you know you can be today.


Anonymous says:

I am glad I stumbled on this book it has impressive workouts for different kinds of jump ropes, I did not know that there are so many different ways to jump rope in a fun way.I recommend this book to everybody that want to greatly improve their stamina in a fun way, plus it is easy to read and to understand all the jump ropes workouts routines he is teaching.

Anonymous says:

What fascinating insight into the difference between high intensity workouts and low intensity, long duration workouts.I always felt that the longer the work out, the more beneficial and after reading this book, I can see that this is not necessarily so.In fact the author explains clearly how low intensity exercise actually encourages the production of more fat, to replace that which is being burnt off, and so even more exercise is required.With regard to the Rope Jumps, or as I used to call it, skipping, that was strictly for children and I haven’t skipped since the 4th grade.I am now totally convinced that skipping is for everyone, no matter his or her age.The author also takes us onto frequencies with a very useful schedule laid out.Whilst the first exercises are simple (and still effective) there are enough variations to provide complexity and challenge to even the most ardent fitness fanatic.And there are steps such backward and forwarding and the pyramid of which, I have never heard.The book is sprinkled with inspiring quotes and by the time I finished it, I actually felt inspired to take up skipping.After all. It can be done at home, is very effective and for time poor people like me, of great value.

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