INVELLOP iPad mini Crystal Clear 3-pack Screen protectors 7.9 inch

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INVELLOP iPad mini Crystal Clear 3-pack Screen protectors 7.9 inch

Our highly favored iPad Mini screen protector is a true consumer pleaser with multiple finishes available. It is a must-have for every iPad Mini owner.


— 3 Crystal clear screen protectors

— Squeegee

— Cleaning cloth

— Instructions


— Essentially invisible

— Dust and fingerprint proofed

— designed for ultra-clear transparency

— Hard-coated against scratches and scuffs

— Will not interfere with most iPad Mini cases

— Precisely cut for perfect fitting

— Application instructions and cleaning tools included

— The ultimate protection solution for your iPad Mini


— It is important to install in a dust-free environment to avoid particles between your guard and iPad screen. If bubbles form, use the cleaning cloth and credit card to rub out any bubbles.

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xaurelie says:

Great product This product was much better than expected! I’m very satisfied with it. Even small items matter when you have to see them daily. There were three screens in the package, and each one was wrapped front and back in another piece of plastic, keeping it free of dust/scratches. Application was very smooth, and the two pieces of dust that got trapped underneath were easily removed with a blue “sticker” that you could dab at the plastic with (sticky side of sticker to sticky side of protector) and the dust came right off the protector and clung to the sticker. There was also a cleaning cloth and a card to coerce bubbles out from under the protector. As easy as installation was, I’m even more impressed with how thin yet durable the plastic is, and how amazingly crystal clear it is. I’ve never had a protector that didn’t alter the appearance of the screen slightly. This one is perfectly clear and smooth, and your fingers glide across it with ease. Great product!

Natocha says:

Love it! Was very easy to instal, thanks for the instruction video on YouTube that they have. No bubbles, and your screen still as clear as there is no screen protector on. Amazing quality, for little cost. Thank you.Highly recommended.

Kerry says:

Works well Perfect fit, some bubbles but they recommend a dust free environment such as bath room after showering, this helps. It does the job

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