Internet Marketing For Dummies (For Dummies (Computers))

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Internet Marketing For Dummies (For Dummies (Computers))

This update to Marketing Online For Dummies includes all of the great topics from the original book, plus an additional focus, Internet advertising, a very hot topic. The right Internet advertising campaign can cost very little and make a product launch or even a company a winner; the wrong approach can be a huge waste of time and effort. The authors have hands-on experience doing both guerrilla marketing and million-dollar deals in this critical area. Also covered in this edition is a quick-start guide to getting net-savvy, a survival requirement in the Web marketing world.


Ramon Ray says:

A hand book and guide you’ve been looking for Internet Marketing for Dummies Internet Marketing for Dummies is a must read book for any small business person new to online marketing. There’s a lot of hype about marketing on the Internet, but the book’s authors Frank Catalano and Bud Smith – do not hype your expectations. I knew that Internet Marketing for Dummies was not going to be another “let down” when I noticed that the authors included many of the online marketing resources that I frequent on a daily basis! Catalano and Smith begin their book by explaining that “Internet marketing” is “marketing” but using the Internet – and this is very important to understand. So many businesses want to rush into “online marketing”, but don’t have any clue about how even to market at all. The fundamentals of marketing, apply online as well as off line. Internet Marketing for Dummies walks the user through a fast over view of the Internet – explaining what AOl is, as compared to full access to the Internet. This chapter is very helpful for the many small businesses that are really not so sure what the Internet is all about. Chapter 2 and 3 of Internet Marketing for Dummies realy lays in to the nitty gritty of marketing, with a consentration in chapter two on developing an “Internet Marketing Plan” I was very impressed that the authors of this book took a whole chapter to also discuss and help the reader decide their domain name. Your business name, may indeed be “Faulkner, Grade and Berkmenstein” – however, you may wan to try out “” for a domain name! There’s a lot of gems in Internet Marketing for Dummies , such as a nice section on effectively using email as a marketing tool. On page 155, chapter 8, Internet Marketing for Dummies lists “techniques for gathering visitor information” on your Web site. See, Internet marketing is more than “just” Internet marketing, but its a blend of leveraging your own Web site, reaching out to others, adveritising on Web sites, building an email list and etc. Internet Marketing for Dummies is one of those books you just keep as a guide on your desk and refer to daily. After you’ve launched some successful online marketing campaigns you’ll be a pro and can then refine what you’ve learned in Internet Marketing for Dummies.

"md_740il" says:

Lacks in valuable content I recently purchased this book so I could get a better edge on marketing my online business. After spending a couple of days reading this book and researching some of the information presented I can conclusively say that this book did not teach me anything that I did not already know.

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