Ice Age Village

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Ice Age Village

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B. TOYAH says:

Beautiful If you like the film, you will ABSOLUTELY love this. It’s so touch friendly on the Nexus.The 3d animals are so realistic…you build villages for the animals, but I have a quite a few just walking around and when you touch them they make a realistic animal noise.Their are little mini games/tasks within the game itself for you to win extra rewards/money/ or if you are lucky, Acorns.Even though it says Internet is required, I play this game normally off-line (I hate being on-line to play games)Abit of warning though; its best to play this game whilst your device is plugged in as it Seriously drains the battery.The battery in my Nexus had 70% left and after 4 hours of constant play it went down to 17%; even though I had it plugged it and was playing off-line…..But saying that, no wonder it drains the battery….just look and see, it’s just like the video itself.I have never played these games before as it could get v.expensive, but you do get notified before purchasing and if you put your pass-word or a pin to prevent accidental in-app purchases.You could play this for hours and you don’t always need the Internet which is good.Update 24 February 2013******************************I have had this game for almost 10 weeks now, playing it a couple times a day just to keep the baby animals alive as I have managed to get a number of families and I have hardly spent any REAL Money on the game.You must keep an eye on the clock to make sure the newborn infants don’t run away and now unless I spend more REAL Money to buy Acorns I cannot get any more Families unless I’m lucky in winning some playing the Scratchy Game….but I am still enjoying it all the same.13 March 2013*******************Was updated today to include ‘Dino World’…..where the dinosaurs are. I originally thought I was trapped down here, but then I just tapped on the Blue ice that’s on the Lava pit that stand just behind your plot and so be able to shoot back up to Ice World….it’s nice that you can go between the two makes the game more exciting.

Boyle Family says:

Love it Very cute and addictive game! Absolutely love the movies, having fun making the little families! Afraid if I show the kids they’ll take over my game!

tak says:

love this game cant wait for more interaction great game lots of stuff to do. cant wait for more its exciting and fast paced never a dull moment

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