i-Blason Dalmation Series Auto Wake / Sleep Smart Cover Book Shell Stand case Cover for Apple New iPad Mini 7.9 Inch Wifi 3G 4G LTE with Built-in Stand Polka Dot Design (Pink /White)

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i-Blason Dalmation Series Auto Wake / Sleep Smart Cover Book Shell Stand case Cover for Apple New iPad Mini 7.9 Inch Wifi 3G 4G LTE with Built-in Stand Polka Dot Design (Pink /White)

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Krad says:

Can’t beat it for the price Has that nice plush hard outside, soft inside case for Ipad at the fraction of the cost of the other big name case makers. The outside has a very durable plastic feel. Only complaint the wife had was that is smelled really bad the first two days and then after that it went away. The magnetic clasp works well and I feel so much better having this case on the ipad when she throws it in her purse. Wife was also pleased to use ipad horizontally for cooking recipes during thanksgiving preparation. Would easily buy again!

K. Dailey says:

Cute cover with a good fit and a great price! I had never heard of this company when I ordered this case, but there weren’t many options out there for iPad mini cases. I decided to take a chance. It is a well made product that fits perfectly. The iPad mini is held securely. All buttons and plugs are easy to access. The magnet closure on the flap keeps it from coming open in my purse and getting scratched. I’m glad that I took a choice and ordered this produce. My case is the light blue with the white polka dots. The only thing that would have made it better would be in the cover was a smart cover.

youquan zhou says:

Purple and Black Polka-dotted Dalmatian Case To start off, I have few problems with the case and its functions, both good and bad. However, for the good of the consumer, here are some things I noticed about the case that others may have issues with.1. The stitching on the outside covers is white (the inside stitching is black). I like that color contrast and I think it looks cool, but some consumers do not like white stitching.2. The company logo is impressed on the bottom right of the front flap. I didn’t like the company logo aesthetically, so I wished that they had a more artistic or graphic-design-oriented logo stamped on the bottom right versus just “i-Blason.”3. There is residual glue and dirty smudges around the camera hole. This is probably due to them sealing the raw edges around the punched out hole and not being thorough enough to clean up the residue around the hole. It is about a millimeter radius border of residue about the camera hole, and really not much to worry about.4. The hard plastic backing that the iPad snaps into has a slight deformity on the right side edge, where it warps. This does not seem to be affecting the function as of now, and is again, aesthetic.5. The odor of the case itself. It positively reeks of manufacturing plant. There is no other way to describe it. The smell has not gone away, and is quite pungent, even on the third day of usage.6. The biggest and most disappointing defect on this case is the fact that the magnetic closure is indeed installed on the incorrect flap. Instead of being opened on the front, the flap goes around to the back of the case, contrary to the product pictures provided. This makes it slightly strange to use and may make it uncomfortable for some consumers. So this is the most important defect to pay attention to. It is a feature that is advertised as going around the front but on the actual product, is installed completely incorrectly, and therefore a definite defect.Another thing unrelated to the case that I was very nervous about was the speed of the shipping. I was told by Amazon that I would receive the package on the 15th at the latest, the 7th at the earliest, but I did not receive the package until the 23rd. So the shipping took almost two weeks longer than the one week I had expected originally.However, despite the number of negative things I wrote about the case, I believe it is aesthetically cute and gave it four stars because I can live with the screwed up flap and the glue residue and the plastic deformities. Happy shopping to everyone else!

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