HOW TO START A BLOG THAT PEOPLE WILL READ: How to create a website, write about a topic you love, develop a loyal readership, and make six figures doing it. (THE MAKE MONEY FROM HOME LIONS CLUB)

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HOW TO START A BLOG THAT PEOPLE WILL READ: How to create a website, write about a topic you love, develop a loyal readership, and make six figures doing it. (THE MAKE MONEY FROM HOME LIONS CLUB)

HOW TO START A BLOG THAT PEOPLE WILL READ: How to create a website, write about a topic you love, develop a loyal readership, and make six figures doing it.

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Blogs have the potential to be unbelievably powerful. Never in the history of mankind has such a valuable, simple, and inexpensive tool existed for exploring topics, sharing ideas, connecting with others, and building businesses.

I never dreamed that blogging would lead to more personal and business opportunities, financial success, and clarity of mind and purpose than anything else in my life…but it has.

Blogging, combined with the power of social media, is one of the most powerful tools for massive exposure that exists today…and it’s virtually free.

Let me put it this way: Everyone needs to have a blog. The potential upside of having one is just too great to ignore.

Not only will a blog offer you opportunities in all kinds of unexpected and immeasurable ways, the writing will force you to organize your thoughts and analyze topics in ways that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

In other words: The benefits that come from blogging will surprise you…over and over again.

In this ebook I’m going to teach you how to create a professional blog, as well as how to strategically pick your blog topics and write your blog posts (based on keyword research). I’m also going to teach you how to best monetize your blog, promotional strategies that will drive traffic to your blog, and how to create a growing and loyal readership. I also include links within the ebook to supporting video lessons for extra clarity.

What’s great about what I teach you is not only the income level you will accomplish if you follow through creating your blog, but all that you will learn in the process. The skills you learn in this ebook will enable you to build all kinds of online businesses and open the door for all kinds of entrepreneurial projects you may have.

Not only that, you will be able to evaluate business ideas much more intelligently once you’ve gone through this whole process. This is because you will understand the fundamentals of keyword research & analysis, traffic & lead generation, social & affiliate marketing, monetization & conversion testing, and traffic analysis. These skills will help you immensely in ANY business you ever decide to start (online or not, passive or not).

So why wait? Start your blog today!

After all, the longer you wait to start, the more money that is being left on the table.


Elizabeth Swanson says:

The BEST book I’ve read for blogging! This book was fantastic. And when I say this, let me explain why saying this is different for me. I have read a LOT of books on making blogs and other online businesses. This one blows every one out of the water.One of the things I enjoyed immediately was the way the author described the benefits of a blog. In most books that talk about starting a blog, the first benefit they describe is the income that can be created through blogging. In this book, the author describes a different benefit first; and that is the ability to record and organize your thoughts, and analyze topics in a way you normally would not. As a writer, I was immediately impressed because many times I am driven to write because of these exact reasons rather than the idea of “I could sell this.”.The entrepreneurial applications in this book are endless because the author teaches you to not only build a blog but also introduces you to the business of online business.The best part about this book is the way it is written. First, it is written in language every one will understand. It is honest and the author is incredibly down to earth. While you are learning the many ways to become an entrepreneur, you don’t ever feel like you are being talked down to or that the information has been over simplified. This concept is obvious even when talking about rather complex things like domain registration and purchasing, monetizing, SEO, marketing, Google ranking, Google Analytics, and Google Adsense. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to start a blog…well, let me be honest..I’ll likely recommend it to everyone!

Mr. Ian J. Stables "Ian Stables" says:

Very comprehensive I found like book very comprehensive. Nothing has been left out. The author pours all his knowledge and experience into this. If you want to have a successful blog, the this book will tell you what you need to do.It goes through everything from getting your blog, setting it up, writing posts, promotion, even creating and selling your own products.Excellent tips about choosing the topic.

Jessamin Swann says:

Finally! Here’s a step-by-step, A to Z guide to creating a profitable blog One of my pet peeves is the need to buy several books because each one lacks a block of information — not with this book. This is a library of information compressed into an easy-to-read manual. Admittedly, we often want to jump right in, set up a blog and start making money right away. Mike Omar make’s that goal a lot easier by offering basic concepts for quick and easy blog setup, and then he deciphers all the advanced techniques we need to jump start our new venture. Whether you’re building a blog from scratch, or seeking techniques to improve the performance of your current site, How to Start a Blog that People will Read is the last blogging book you will ever need to buy. So what makes this a must-buy manual? Several reasons:– I’m not a technical person and I require lots of hand-holding, and this book impressed me — it led me every step of the way to creating several blogs. That’s a big deal for a computer-illiterate person who knew nothing about Meta tags and optimizing code– The perfect guide that effectively cuts through all the bull and focuses on the steps you need to create real profit– The web is crowded and competitive, yet Mike Omar shows you the strategies to command attention.– This book shows you all the little hidden details the ‘big’ competitors like to keep to themselves– More importantly, Mike Omar takes the time to explain the significance of each detail. The reasons behind narrowing down your keyword list; why your Google webmaster tool can make or break a blog; immediate action steps, and if you really follow this guide, you can build a profitable site immediatelyOverall, you get a comprehensive all-in-one blueprint to developing a standout blog. You won’t be overwhelmed with unnecessary information or lots of fluff, which makes this guide well worth the money you’re about to spend.

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