How To Day Trade Forex For Profit

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How To Day Trade Forex For Profit

You could be just 24 hours away from making your first profitable forex trade. That’s enough time to open a broker account and start trading the proven and profitable forex strategies in this book.

Do you dream of trading online from the comfort of your own home? Of making money with the click of a mouse? Would you like to discover the forex trading strategies used by professional FX traders? Harvey Walsh lifts the curtain and invites you into the lucrative world of currency trading. 

Written in his trademark plain English, this jargon-free book takes you through everything you need to know in order to start trading the foreign exchange market.

Just some of the things you will discover inside: 

When you’ve read this book, you will be able to:


Gerardo Palau says:

Good Book The book is worth the time of reading and I like the simple way of show the topics. It is much but much better than other expensive books. It is a must reading for newbies and beginners.

ina says:

nice intro to trading i think harvey did a very good job of explaining how the markets work. read it about a year ago now so don’t remember the details. he explained how the difference in value of the various currencies came to be by way of a easy to understand story of two villages that created their own currency. sort of the beginning of how money came into being in different communities. i thought it made it easy to understand the basics of the forex market which i know nearly nothing about. i found the read enjoyable and informative.

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